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Free Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab S on Smart Premium Plan 8000

Wanting to have both Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab S in you hands? Get Smart PREMIUM PLAN 8000 

Yes with Smart Infinity postpaid Premium Plan 8000, two smart devices from Samsung are already included. You'll get the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 for free in just one plan.

Smart Infinity plans are Smart's premium plans where high-end devices are bundled package together with premium services that aren't available on lower plans. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 free with Smart Infinity's Plan 3500 & Plan 500
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4
There are also other premium plans  under Smart Infinity that includes premium smart device. There's the Aspire Plan 3500, Smart Infinity will also offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 for free. 

The next plan is also quite teasing as it offers more. The Smart Prestige Plan 5000, not only includes Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 as a free premium device, but you will also get to choose for free P5,000 gift certificate or one month free monthly service fee. 

For just extending to a 30-month contract you can already own a 32-inch Samsung Smart LED TV for free bundled with a Galaxy Tab S!

So what can you get from these premium plans aside from premium smart devices:

Smart Infinity Plan Privileges

All Smart Infinity Plans from Plan 3500 to Plan 8000 have the following premium privileges:

  • Dedicagted Infinity Hotline
  • Priority Handling in Smart Stores
  • Access to Worldwide Concierge
  • VIP Network Access

While Infinity Management Officer and Complimentary Vanity Mobile Number are available at Plan 5000 and Plan 8000.

For more information about Smart Infinity Plans visit Smart Communications, Inc. website at

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