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Best Instagram App for Blackberry OS 6 to OS 7.1: Instaberry!

What if we tell you that you can use @Instagram on your Blackberry phone with loaded with BB OS 6, 7, or 7.1? Yes, you can! 

Instagram is one of social media's favorite platform in sharing a day in a life of a human being.  Thanks to the Blackerry developers finally there's an Instagram app for Blackberry OS 6 to OS 7.1.

Instagram for Blackberry

+Instagram, the smartphone app that changed how we view, share and re-post photos is one of the most used application whether you're on Android or iOs. May it be selfies, portraits or photos of almost everything under the sun, we definitely love how this App works and all those filters and enhancement sliders.

Free Instagram client for Blackberry via Blackberry World
Blackberry Client for Instagram
Blackberry, the Canadian smart phone manufacturer that changed how messaging should work, continues to prove that BB is here to stay, yes better check the new Blackberry Passport! Though  considered by some as "not that cool" anymore compared to Android and iOS, but businesses and even government agencies still find it useful and efficient.

Instagram App for Blackberry OS 6 to OS 7.1

Both lead the way in creating something innovative that will stand as a monument both in technology and the world of social media.

So far there's no native client yet for the Blackberry OS, but this 3rd-party client should do the trick. Introducing CLIENT for INSTAGRAM from Jared Co. Downloadable via Blackberry World, the marketplace for Blackberry apps, this Client for Instagram does almost what the Instagram app can do. Post, like photos, follow and unfollow Instagram users. This Instagram client for Blackberry, should be compatible with most Blackberry phones loaded with Os 6, 7 and 7.1

Instagram for Blackberry OS 6,7, and 7.1
Instagram for Blackberry
As of the moment, there are no options yet to enhance your photos using the said Instagram client. But there are already a handful of photo editors for Blackberry. So if you're after posting and sharing your photos immediately to Instagram from your Blackberry phone, this is the perfect Instagram client to use.

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