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DevCup 2014 Insights to Day 1 of the hackathon

If you have a chance to create an app to help your people, what app will you create and which problem or set problems will it resolve?

DevCup 2014 is the perfect venue to create one. And based from today's number of participants they all want to create one that even regular people can benefit from.

Insights is DevCup 2014's Official Theme

DevCup 2014 Officially started today at the Meralco Multi-Purpose Hall in Ortigas. This is a two-day hackathon event made to highlight developers in creating an app that can be put to daily use. The team behind WebGeek and DevCup felt that they are on the right track as they top notch again last year's attendance.

DevCup 2014 Banner
Are you up for the DevCup 2014 challenge? No raising of white flags here
This is WebGeek's 3rd year in producing Dev Cup. This year's DevCup theme is entitled INSIGHTS. The participants were challenged to create their own app using any programming language they find useful in creating their obra maestra. They are given only two days to finish and present it to the judges.
entrance of Meralco Multi-purpose hall in Ortigas. Used for DevCup 2014

A hackathon like DevCup is an avenue for Developers to showcase not only their skills in coding and building a great app, but also enhances their creativity in putting the end-product into good use. DevCup by WebGeek Philippines is different in a sense that it doesn't need to be limited. The theme was set to help the participants have a goal that is in uniform with their rival teams, but shouts out their own style and how they vision it their geeky minds so to speak.

DevCup 2014 Day 1

At the course of each participants can enjoy breaks by taking lunch and dinner at the venue. A good time to stretch, charge their brains or mingle with their fellow participants. To keep the boost, free-flowing booze was provided, all they need to do is fill-up the red cup.

To sum up the first day of DevCup, it was a busy day for everyone, and a productive day too. It seems that majority of the teams already got the concept of what the theme(Insights) is about. The actual challenge is how they are going to put their knowledge and expertise into good use, producing an app that is inline with the given theme, plus making the judges understand what they just built, is what it really is.

Day 1 of DevCup 2014

Tomorrow, we'll find out who from these elite group of developers and hackers will take home prestigious cup, DevCup 2014.

Free-flowing booze

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