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KD7 just landed, Kevin Durant's new shoe

Kevin Durant and Nike just released the new KD line. Sneakerheads and KD's fans went crazy with the new release especially with the KD7 35,000 degrees.

KD7 35,000 degrees colorway

This the 7th Nike signature of 2013-2014 Season's MVP. Kevin Durant has already proven himself that he belongs to the elite as he burns baskets during crunch time and winning games with emphasis. What makes the new Nike KD7 special? Well, first of, it has Kevin Durant Bio written all over it. Wearing the new KD sneaker line makes you feel that you knew Kevin Durant all this time.

KD's family member embedded on the shoe strap. Most likely underneath it, making it more personal yet private

KD's number(35) on the shoe strap facing front. Just like Shazam's or Superman's logo on their chests

Remembering his roots, the undersole shows state of Maryland and his childhood coach

Here's how it all it started. Designed by Leo Chang himself. Yes, KD put some magic touch himself. The volt undersole makes it stand out, and if you already owned the KD6 Volt, you may wanna add this to your collection.
Sketch of KD7
Design Sketch of KD7 by Leo Cheng

Another KD7 Colorway is expected to be dropping by July 4, dubbed as KD7 4th of July. Fresh-looking, clean design yet expected to bring your A-game on the hardcourt
Nike KD7 aka 4th of July

Here's the video of the KD7 Launch event. You can start the video at 14:20, 'cause that's where the exciting part is...

The event was televised via +Google+

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