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BenteUno Labs™: AKG K830BT Review, Wirelessly Awesome!

How do you define wireless freedom? Is it really the freedom beyond what wired connections can do?
     In this blog-episode we bring you our review of a premium wireless Bluetooth headset from AKG. The ravishing AKG K830 Bluetooth Headset. We have a fetish for wireless devices, especially for ones that plays our favorite tracks so good that it keeps us on the go. 

      Not missing a call is very important. You don't want to miss calls from your mom, saying that she misses you and you're not calling anymore. You don't want to miss that important call from your Boss, saying that you have to go overtime on the date applied for your vacation. Now it's time to take this for a spin and see if it does the job. 


At a Glance:

    Out of the box the AKG K830 wireless bluetooth headset is ready to pair and get you going in minutes. Well on the first 10 minutes, or less, you may need to experience some basic training on how to operate the product(w/o reading the manual). It has to talk first to your media player, then that's when it will start to do its magic.

      It is only available in Classic Black, and we like it just like that. AKG can create different variants or colorways, but they focused more on the overall design, comfort, and the most important thing of it all is the sound that the K830 BT will produce to the user's ears.

    This baby is a looker. Don't get me wrong but we've seen some eyes looking while we wore it in the Office and on the streets, I guess they can't help but check not only the brand but also the sleek look of this black beauty.

What's inside the AKG K830BT package
What's inside the box of AKG K830BT

Key Features:

    This AKG bluetooth headset by Harman is built with the phrase "wirelessly comfortable for long use" in mind. The cushion on the headband of the headset to the foams on the earcups, they are pretty good that l. The materials used, from the headband to the extendable part of it are strong enough even if you adjust it every time you want a perfect fit.


-bluetooth support for Android, Blackberry, iOS smartphones
-built-in rechargeable battery
-long battery life (up to 8 hours)
-3D Axis foldable design
-superb-sound for a wireless headset
-adjustable fit
-invisible mic


- no 3.5mm jack to support battery-less play
- find it hard to navigate the controls while on the move

AKG K830BT picture
cushioned headband for comfort


     The overall look and design are straightforward. Controls are located on the left side ear cup that lets you play, pause, skip forward and back blindfolded. Once you're familiar with the location of each buttons, then you're okay. The foldable 3D Axis design was engineered so that you wont worry much on how to safe keep it. Yes, you don't want a high-end wireless headphones to get accidentally broken just because you placed it in the wrong position at the wrong time.

Packs and Specs:

     The package comes with a pair of wireless headset(battery included on our test unit), usb charger, pouch. Most of the time the AKG K830 will be on your ears, as you'll love them to stay in there and keep the music playing for hours. The pouch is provided to keep it safe and scratch free while on your backpack or locker.

Technical Specifications of AKG K830BT:

  • Closed-back design headphones
  • Frequency range: 18Hz to 20kHz
  • Input impedance: 32 ohms
  • weighs 145g
  • Supported bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP

AKG K830BT what's included on the package

The Examination

     We had some bumps pairing it the first time, but with the help of the instruction's manual it's easy to learn. We were able to operate and pair it with our test player, a Blackberry handset. Once paired, no need to pair it again, as the media player will save on its list of paired devices.

   You may noticed that it may have interference problem at times, as it won't pair successfully to another device if it's still paired with the previous one. But it's not really an issue, just simply make sure that the previous device's bluetooth is turned off, pair it again with the device of your choice, and it should work fine.

    If you have it paired already with your bluetooth media player or phone, you may notice that even the notification sounds(SMS, email,) will be silent on your phone as long as the AKG K830 is on. Yes, all sounds coming from you phone will be directly streamed to the headset. So make sure that once you're done with it is to switch the headset off, or the bluetooth on your phone. If not, you may not hear them coming out from the phone.

    Managed to test this wireless headset on voice and literally talked for over an hour, on more than 2 different occasions. We're in for a surprise as no call drops or even diminished call quality throughout the conversation. We also made some calls while in public place where vehicles are honking because of traffic, and it turned out good. Words from us were heard crisp and clear, though background noise were noticed.

The Harman AKG K830BT is build to last and to out-perform the wireless headphones in its class. Truly an amazing piece from AKG, that make you love and appreciate this wireless headset over time.

BenteUno Labs™ Conclusion

    Though this wireless headset has been out there for quite some time now, it can still compete with the new ones in the market. An unmatched quality product of AKG, that brings satisfaction to its users. The built-in controls on the left ear cup are pretty neat and keeps you hand-free almost hands-free most of the time. Overall, this amazing piece of technology from AKG is truly convenient, very useful, and truly does the job!

    The AKG K830 Bluetooth headset is highly recommended to those who want their music unplugged. Has all the right benefits of wireless freedom from wireless music streaming, to hands-free talk time. Even the notification of new messages or email won't be missed. Plus the long battery life is remarkable as we want it wireless but can also be used throughout the day.

This AKG K830 BT wireless headset from Harman retails at P10,990 and available on the ff JBL stores:

You can also get them from leading gadget stores nationwide. By default per purchase comes with a 1-year warranty.

Oh by the way, don't forget to check the ongoing AKG Promo Sale till the 15th of February!

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Harman is one of the best makers of speakers. It's really more convenient without all those messy wires. Great post and thanks for sharing!

Amélie De Rycke said...

Oh boy, I need this!

Gen-zel said...

OMG it's so expensive! :O Can this be used for ps3 too? the most expensive I saw is around 7k.

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