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BenteUno Labs™: Skullcandy Crusher Review

In this fast-paced environment, we want our music to be available on the go. Before, I think somewhere in the 80's, people use to carry their stereo on their shoulders as they groove the streets. Time has changed, but the love for music keeps on growing. We want it to be with us. As we walk, as we travel, while heading to school or office.

Skullcandy Crusher photo by GlimpseofRonj
Skullcandy Crusher, get your ears ready
    It has been part of us, that when earphones and headphones were invented, it became part of our fashion. Now in this BenteUno Labs™ review we're delighted and proud to test a headphone that doesn't only produce great sound but is also fashionable to wear no matter which weather you're into.

Ladies and Gentlemen, all eyes on the Skullcandy Crusher headphones.

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones pics by GlimpseofRonj

At a glance

   Unboxing the Skullcandy Crusher is really a thrilling experience. From the packaging, overall design to the Crusher headphones, all were made to impress both the user and the looker. You can choose from 3 different color, black, white  and the red one, which caught our attention. Hopefully we can get the red one to take home and call it our own.

Key features:

  • Built-in amplifier
  • Adjustable Bass control -increase/decrease the level of bass and sensation it outputs
  • Stashable - can be folded so it will perfectly fit the premium Skullcandy travel pouch
  • Built-in microphone
  • Sensation 55™ - bass you can feel
  • Skullcandy signature Supreme Sound


  • Stylish Design
  • detachable oxygen-free cable
  • built-in mic
  • comfortable leather ear-cups
  • clear audio during calls
  • foam protection under the headband
  • bass that you can  actually feel


  • may feel too large to wear at times
  • ears may sweat during long use
One look on this headphones and you'll definitely fall in love to it. Wait till you experience the actual sound once you play your music. Stylish and fashionable, yet lightweight enough to wear even if you're in a hurry. We tested it on the streets, and they can't help but notice, that when they glaze their eyes on it, then start seeing the Skullcandy logo, they know that this is not an average headphone. 

Packs and Specs

The box comes with the stunning Skullcandy Crusher headphones, the detachable cable, and the microfiber travel pouch with Skullcandy logo laser-printed to the cloth. The pouch is very handy that you can safely place your headphones to your bag or drawer. The box is also premium-grade, that you'll want to keep so that you can still box your Crusher if you want to safe keep it, which we doubt, since you'll find it hard to store and wil

There's a Skullcandy logo embedded on all the items inside the box, on the two outer sides of the headphones, in the ear caps, on both ends of the 3.5mm jack.

Technical Specs:

Speaker Diameter: 40mm
Amplifier Type: Class D
Battery Life: 40 hrs
Battery Type: AA
Frequency Response: 20-20 kHz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver Type: Mylar

The Examination

Audio sound is superb, without the feeling of being overly done. We listened to EDM, Rap, and Rock songs and turned out to be such a good audio experience. It really makes your head go like a bobble head, it's hard to stop as you try to jam to playlist.
This  headphones' microphone were made to work smoothly with iPhone and iTouch, and on our tests, we tried it on a Blackberry device. We were astonished with results. It worked perfectly on a Blackberry Curve 9320. Since most the BB phones have the same sound quality and structure, we can somewhat assume that this will work with other Blackberry devices, even with the Blackberry OS 10. During calls, the background noise are lessened therefore providing you with clear communication. Even on a busy street, the noise cancellation works like a charm. It hides the background noise where it let us focus on the one we are talking to
The Sensation 55 driver is pretty amazing piece that makes the Crusher unique from its peers. To hear and feel is to believe. It only took us minutes before we get used to the bass sensation it output on our cheekbones. An amazing experience that make you long for it on those time that you just want to feel your music. The earcups large enough to function as an over ear without the feeling that your head will be crushed after a long use. It doesn't make you feel that your ears are being suctioned.
The 3.5mm removable cord is long enough that you can put it in your front packet of your pants or at the back. The length of the cord is also if you always have your backpack on, and usually put your mp3 player or phones safe inside. The oxygen-free cord should withstand the regular tear and wear, where it the mini-wires inside won't easily get broken or cut off.

The high-quality synthetic leather provides cushioning and soft enough that adds to your listening pleasure, which allows you to wear it for long hours of use.
The built-in mic brilliantly delivers your message without worrying about the noise from the environment you're in

BenteUno's Conclusion

The Skullcandy Crusher is truly a winner to its class. It's a must-have headphone for users who want powerful bass yet keeping the original quality of the music that you're tuned-in to. From the materials used, to the design, to the sound and sensation experience shows quality product that should last. 
The price of these Crushers, SRP PHP5,500, is just right. Actually you're getting more with the superb sound, from highs to lows, to the built-in mic that should support mobile devices, plus the authentic Skullcandy pouch.  SC Crushers are great for listening to Hip-hop, R & B and even Rockathons, or anything with bass. With "bass you can feel" you can'tgo wrong but enjoy every beat of that music. highly recommends Skullcandy Crushers. We already sent back the unit, but we're still missing the days we have it on our ears.

 For audiofreaks out there who can't decide which headphone you'd upgrade to, or for audio lovers who simply want to get the best in their audio, get your hands on these SC Crushers and you'll definitely hear and feel what we are talking about.

Thanks to SkullcandyPH for lending us the review unit. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram (SkullcandyPH)

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