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Armaggeddon Black Hornet MKA-3: Mechanical Keyboard for doomsday

Armaggeddon Black Hornet Keyboard Review
Keyboards have been known to deliver accuracy and speed whenever you need it.
Even tablets and high-end phones supply virtual keyboards to make sure they can make the typing needs of its consumers. So no matter what advancement we have, there are still a lot who rely on the speed and accuracy of keyboards

Keyboard varies in forms and sizes. Some are even portable. No matter of the advancement in technology we want are beloved keyboard to stay. Some of us can work with keyboards even w/o a mouse but not vice versa.
There are different switches available depending on the type of user and usage it's for. We got the chance to check their Armaggeddon's Black Hornet MKA-3 with Cherry MX Brown switches.
The Cherry MX Brown switch is a version of the Black Hornet which is manufactured for precise feedback for a mixture of gaming and typing. This type of switch provides  a light tactile “bump” to let you know your key has been activated which is said to be a usual choice for casual gamers.


 The Armaggeddon's Black Hornet MKA-3 is definitely a looker. It can be placed alongside with the leading k-boards out there made for gaming. The solid feel, the led lights, the falcon/eagle-logo, plus the #Armaggeddon brand is truly irresistible. From front to back it shows that this is not an average gaming keyboard. 
The Armaggeddon's Black Hornet MKA-3 Gaming Keyboard uses the unique Maldive Blue for the regular keys. For the gaming keys, WASD, the Arrow Keys( Up, Down, Left & Right) uses the Brilliant Yellow color, but to the actual unit it seems its more of a Yellow Orange. We'll we don't want to make any arguments or settle for a debate, the bottom-line is it has a Yellow color.

Pack and Specs:

 Armaggeddon Black Hornet Keyboard Review

The package we're able to test contains the following items:
  • Armaggeddon's Black Hornet MKA-3 Gaming Keyboard
  • Armaggeddon's Black Hornet MKA-3 User's Manual
  • 2-Year limited warranty
  • CD Drive
  • extra rubber footing
  • Extra gaming key in Silver/ Gray
 Armaggeddon Black Hornet MKA-3 Gaming Keyboard

Key Features:

  • High quality Cherry MX Brown switches and long life up to 50 million operations
  • 87 mechanical switches built-in with backlight effects.
  • 6 fully Macro-Able™ keys
  • Multimedia keys with built-in program
  • Adjustable keys respond time
  • Adjustable backlighting effects on keyboard button
  • Yellow lighting characteristic gaming keys for WASD and arrow keys
  • Gaming mode option for deactivation of windows key
  • Detachable USB cable design with cable management system
  • 1.5 meters multiflex cord wrapped with ultra-durable cable jacket.
  • Built-in onboard memory – 32KB
  • Intensified thick 1.8m USB cable for better durability

The Examination:

Armaggeddon MKA-3 Gaming Keyboard

After plugging in the keyboard already lits up and make u already feel that its ready for the talking. Its like saying, put your hands on me. We really love the pulsating-effect on the led lights. You can opt to 100 lit the keys or dim it a bit, depending on your preference.
The manufacturer already assumed that you'll be using it for longer hours that why they included a palm rest is which soft yet stable enough to keep you comfy and more focused on what you're doing.
The Armaggeddon MKA-3 mech. keyboard is one tough device that should suffice average gamers or keyboard-heavy users. The Cherry MX Brown switch was created to fulfill the needs of both type of users.
The rubberized feel of its keys and the body itself, make us feel assured that even the slippery or sweaty fingers can  type accurately. Won't skid even when you're playing hardcore games that require complete concentration, thanks to its added weight and rubber footing. The package that we test comes with extra rubber footing/stopper in case the stock falls off.
Numpad(Numer/Numeric pad) on the right not included, which is not usual with keyboards. But while using it, we found it not needed anymore. In fact, the height and length are just right with out the numpad!
Promises to give 50 million cycles or presses that should last more than thrice the average lifespan of your average keyboard.
Even for Windows 8 users, like us, this should work as a PNP device and no need to install any drivers. For older operating systems, no need to worry it includes a mini-cd that contains the required drivers needed for it to run properly.

BenteUno's Conclusion

The Armaggeddon Black Hornet MKA-3 Cherry MX Brown Switch just gives the right feel feedback. This should be a perfect upgrade from your conventional keyboard if you're planning to step up your typing skills, or just want to level up your gaming experience and accuracy.
Priced at less than PHP5,000.00 this will surely take your gaming and/or typing experience to the next level. Armaggeddon™... they "live in your game".
Check there other products at or follow their local FB page:

We're hoping that this review of Armaggeddons Black Hornet MKA-3 can help you decide on which mechanical gaming keyboard you should buy for that ultimate gaming experience.
Special thanks to Vincent of for the test unit.
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