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Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

I'd like to star in a movie where the story revolves about a character where he was humiliated and looked down to, struggled and jailed like the most wanted man in the whole planet. He then lost the girl he loved all his young years since she thought he already died. Until he met an old, and sickly man who have nothing to share his hidden riches. Then after the man died, the man looked for the hidden riches, which was eventually hiding on a big tree beside the cemetery wall. He used it to gain knowledge and buy a mansion and invited well-known families and merchants for a grand ball. While everyone is enjoying their slabs of steak, ribs and wine, w/o their knowledge there an underlying revelation waiting to be uncovered. 

Then... wait do you still have that popcorn? Don't tell me you forget to turn on that timer on the microwave...

Before you pop a movie out of a thumb drive or thru your media player make sure you have the Kettle Korn bag wit you. May it be an adventure, horror, thriller, comedy or your favorite love story Kettle Korn will surely make every bits and pieces of that popcorn memorable.

This May 24 the much awaited FF6 will be shown in cinemas Nationwide, so before you get that tickets make sure you still have the other hand free to hold that Kettle Korn.

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