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Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid

There's a lot of mobile network that offers plan to the general public. Ranging from 299 to plan 10,000, it surely give you a headache plus
Sun Cellular has been know for providing nation wide coverage and helping the Filipino nation to reach their loved ones but still budget-friendly.

Why Sun Cellular Plan 600 and Plan 999 is The Good Choice in Postpaid?

Not only that you'll get one of the coolest and slimmest touchscreen smartphone out there, but you'll get in a competitive price, packed with services that you surely need.

With plan 600 and 999, it's just right and provides you with what you need without the need of spending too much.

If you simply want a cool phone plus unlimited call and text, I  bet you want the Plan 600. This plan will surely help   make sure that you're connected to your friends and family all-day long. No need to worry about your bill, because with Plan 600 all your Sun contacts can be easily called or messaged, 24/7. Got friends at the other side(other networks)? Aside from getting PHP250 consumable you'll get 350 free SMS to other networks(Smart, Globe) every month. This is just the icing of the cake, 'cause aside from getting this features you will also get a touchscreen handset already loaded with Android Jellybean, considered the latest Android OS, which is just 7.9mm thin. Not only that it's equipped with a 4.7-inch screen, dual-core  processor, Wi-Fi hotspot, plus a 3G connection in case there's no Wi-Fi in the area.

If you are more of a surfer rather than a talker, go for the Plan 999 where it lets you surf 24/7 w/o thinking of how high your bill will get because you left your data connection open. This plan is great for pips who always wants to be socially connected via Facebook and Twitter. In case you'll need some minutes to call someone, no need to worry, every month you'll get 4 hours of Sun-to-Sun calls. But for SMS, you'll still have the capability of texting unlimited messages to the same network. This is also suitable for photo-blogger like me, who always send photos and blogs via email. With this plan you'll get the super thin 6.45mm smartphone also loaded with Jellybean.

These two plans are definitely hard to miss. It's up to you now whether you'll for 600 or 999 plan.

Get a Sun Postpaid. The Good Choice. Visit your nearest Sun shop now

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