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Metro Rides 3, since you just can't enough

Cars, cars, cars. You can't still get over that Fast Five movie and want to see more? This time it's for real, see it with your own eyes.

         Another car show to make this month of June right. Make your weekend productive by going to this event with your family, friends, or your loved ones. This time they bring the crew to the heart of the metro, Robinson's Manila(Midtown Atrium, Pedro Gil Entrance). Today's the 2nd day so you still have the chance to check and drool over these cars. Not only that, prizes will be given to those who will be willing to join the contest(s), so make sure you bring your game face on. Check it right away as soon as the mall opens.

Cars and weekends, what else can you ask for...models?  See for yourself


 Pack light, but make sure your phones and/or cameras are fully charged, since the cars that will be shown are the ones that you don't see everyday, unless you own them yourself, haha. Get ready to take them pictures, or if you're not satisfied, enable that video recording as well. If you're patient you'll get to a chance to see beautiful models(some are FHM babes) and take pictures with them.

         And oh by the way, just a friendly advise, bring those umbrellas, you'll never know when it will rain again. After all you don't want to get wet after seeing these hot wheels.

Enjoy and have fun, see you there...

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