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Bumper to Bumper: Grand EB @ A-land

       Still having some hangover from the recent Metro Rides 3? Yes? 
I sure do.

       Well, worry no more. The guys who bring you the cool, the cars, and the models never run out of ideas to keep you wanting for more.

       This time it's not just about cars, yes, it's about you, yeah YOU! And don't forget the Models who are one of the key factors in making the B2B events hotter every year!

A fun weekend to experience 
            Tomorrow, Saturday, weekend and hopefully a pleasant weather. Perfect timing to assemble your crew  and be part of this grand event. First century(1st 100) pips to present themselves & register. Get free drink/snack by simply showing up. No time to be late, be there as early as possible.

        But wait there's more! The one we've all been waiting for! Get a chance to have an exclusively shoot with the Gorgeous Jahziel Manabat & the rest of these car show babes( who also happened to be part of FHM's 100 sexiest woman)

Shoot the Babes! Click Click Click

        Venue is at Alphaland Mall,  South Gate(walking fistance from MRT Magallanes Station)

Mark it on your Calendars!
 Be there on time! 
Be there or be squared!

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