Hirap Mahirapan Dito: It’s Just Too Easy to Pay with Maya, Anywhere, Everywhere!

Discover the ultimate convenience with Maya!

Discover the ultimate convenience with Maya! From scanning any QRPh at local stores to using your Maya card abroad, paying has never been easier.

Maya offers a seamless payment experience wherever you go—whether it's scanning QRPh codes at over 600,000 merchants nationwide, using your Maya Card in over 200 countries, or checking out from your favorite online shops.

Did you know that paying with Maya is incredibly easy? With Maya, the #1 Digital Bank App, it's almost impossible to run out of ways to pay.

You can use Maya to pay wherever and whenever— scan any QRPh at your favorite local store, tap your Maya card when you shop abroad, or check out through Maya in your favorite online shops. 

Whether it’s online or in-store, you can easily use Maya anywhere, everywhere! Here are the different ways you can easily pay with Maya: 

  • Pay Any QRPh: With Maya, you can scan to pay at over 600,000 merchants nationwide. Just look for the QRPh logo and you're all set. Whether you're grabbing your morning coffee or shopping at your favorite store, paying has never been this effortless. 
  • Pay Anywhere in the World with Maya Card: Traveling abroad? No worries! Your Maya Card is accepted in over 200 countries. From shopping sprees in Europe to dining experiences in Japan, Maya ensures your transactions are smooth and secure wherever you go. 
  • Pay Online at the Biggest Platforms: Online shopping is a breeze with Maya. Easily checkout from top e-commerce apps like Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, Grab, and more. Your favorite brands and services are just a tap away, and Maya guarantees a seamless online payment experience. 


Every time you use Maya for your transactions, you get to boost your interest up to 14% on Maya Savings. If your wallet needs a refill, you can easily fund it or scan to pay anywhere or check out online with the help of revolving funds of up to P30,000 via Maya Easy Credit. This simply shows that Maya truly offers the convenience of a wallet you want and the safety of a bank you need with its all-in-one banking features.


Even Hollywood stars Liza Soberano and Dolly De Leon humorously exaggerate how "hard" it is to pay with Maya in their latest ad.

Spoiler: it's not hard at all! Whether you're using QR, card, or mobile number, Maya makes payments ridiculously easy. 

Checkout how it’s just too easy to pay with Mayam watch Video here: https://www.facebook.com/mayaiseverything/videos/971417134991777

With Maya, the days of struggling with payments are over. Embrace the convenience and simplicity that comes with the #1 Digital Bank in the Philippines. Why make things hard when Maya makes it easy? Register for a Maya account now and see for yourself how easy it is to pay anywhere.

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