Epson EB-L520U Laser Projector, Compact yet Stunning Visuals for Work or Play

Epson EB-L520U WUXGA Laser Projector Product Review

Projectors have become an indispensable tool for both workforce and businesses. What used to be an equipment to be used for watching slides and presentations during training sessions, can now be also utilized for entertainment. 

If this is your first time to dive into the world of projectors may it be for work or leisure, you may find the Epson brand perfect for your daily tasks, as they offer vast options and models to cater your multimedia needs. We know that Epson's brand and products are synonymous with efficiency and eco-friendly as what their printers, scanners and projectors offer to consumers and businesses.

Epson EB-L520U WUXGA Laser Projector |
Epson EB-L520U WUXGA Laser Projector

We got our hands a review unit of Epson EB-L520U WUXGA Laser Projector,  that is suitable for study, work and even for entertainment use. It's incredibly compact, inexpensive and environment-friendly piece of equipment that boasts 5,200 lumens of both white and color brightness to bring viewers and its users eye-catching details and vibrant clear output whether it's text, slides or videos.  What sets this apart from other projectors is the EB-L520U breakthrough laser technology, which uses a new laser diode to give you better light source output while consuming less power which give it longer lifespan(up to 20,000 hours or more) and almost maintenance-free operation as there's no lamps to replace.

Epson EB- L520U WUXGA Laser Projector Specs and Features


  • Eco Mode
  • Laser Light Source
  • up to 1.6x optical zoom
  • up to 500 inch screen size
  • optional wireless presentation


  • 5200 lumens
  • Over 2,500,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 10W Monaural internal speakers
  • Weighs approximately 7.7 kg
  • Ports:
    • LAN RJ45
    • HDMI
    • USB A and USB B
    • Audio in x2
    • Audio out x1
    • VGA

We were able to test the Epson EB- L52OU Projector by connecting the laptop to the projector through an HDMI cable. It's almost plug and play, once you set it up the first time, you can fire it up anytime and it will keep the same settings. Even for first time users, you'll find output vibrant yet pleasing to the eyes. It's rich in color that even with lights on, you can still see the slides and videos clearly. There is no need to close the blinds. Of course, for a more cinematic experience, best to darken the room. 

It's surprising how much fun it is to watch movies or videos on the Epson EB-L520U WUXGA Laser Projector. The projected output don't appear to be flat. It reminds me of the last time I went to an Imax movie. The colors and camera movement are so vibrant that no matter what is playing in the projector, it's always lively and doesn't get boring. It feels like the camera moves with you though just watching on the projected screen. Don't get surprised if your eyes gets glued on it as its visually entertaining especially when streaming your favorite DC or Marvel movies. 

Epson EB-L520U Laser Projector Review | Benteuno.comEpson EB-L520U Laser Projector Review |

During our test, we've positioned the projector 1.9m (6.23 ft) away from the room windows and projected the video on the window curtain as we only have limited space. The picture quality has a nice contrast and the colors are stunning w/o the need of any fine adjustments. However, if you use it for nearly an hour and sit next to it, you may feel the increasing temperature from the projector, but it should still operate properly as long as it meets its working temperature.

Just like a camera lens, you can manually adjust the sharpness by turning the lens ring clockwise or counter clockwise. We like this freedom so we can get the right sharpness we need. You can also zoom in or out with ease.

The built-in speakers may not be surround sound, but it does the job. But for better audio experience, its best to connect it to an external speakers. During our review, we use our gaming laptop as our source for both audio and video. 

It also comes with a remote control to easily adjust the settings or switch to a different source input away from the projector, but still,  nothing beats the controls at the back of the EB-L520U

Overall, the Epson EB-L520U Laser Projector is quite impressive despite being small in size. It has enough power and brightness thanks to the laser light source technology. The numerous ports at the back is designed to connect almost any old and new computers, plus the option to go wireless. With the Epson EB-L520U Laser Projector in the office you know that watching slides and presentations will never be the same. Now your team members and colleagues are looking forward to that next meeting or training session, as once they experience and see for themselves its beautiful colors and crisp visual output you can make sure that they wont fell asleep.

The clear and sharp projections can help level up any presentation as its vibrant colors adds life to any content you'll be projecting. Now team members or learners are more inspired to boost their knowledge and performance.  Wben it comes to watching animations and videos, the Epson EB-L520U Laser Projector can be a good alternative to UltraHD TV, as it be used for both work and entertainment. The  screen size is almost limitless and you can adjust projector distance from the wall/projector screen. 

If space is a concern, you may want to check Epson projectors that have shorter throw distance(such as the EB-L730U), where you can place them near a wall or flat surface and still get crisp output. But expect that it may come with a hefty price tag. 

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