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Jollibee Funko SODA, first Pinoy local brand in a collectible SODA can Vinyl Figure

This September 24, top fast food chain Jollibee will officially launch its latest collectible from Funko. Another sought after release for the Jollibee prime mascot.

Jollibee Funko SODA

All-time Pinoy-favorite fast food chain has just announced that a new Jollibee Funko collectible is on its way. There are different Funko Pop Jollibee figures that are already in the market, but this time it will be lil' bit different.

The iconic Jollibee mascot will be released by Funko as part of its SODA line. It's the Philippines' first local brand in a Funko SODA form and will be available starting tomorrow and to be offered in two variants.

Jollibee Funko Soda release

Funko Soda line stands at around 4 tall, slightly taller than the Pop vinyl figures from the same brand and comes with a collectible disc.

Possibly limited only to 10,000 pieces, per the SODA can label, where regular Jollibee Funko Soda  runs for 8400 pieces, then the rest are Chase Glow Variant.

Jollibee Funko SODA Regular Variant

Jollibee Funko SODA Chase Variant 1/1600

It will be available via Jollibee app more likely just right after the official launch tomorrow, but only on select branches.

No info yet about the mechanics on how to avail a Jollibee Funko Soda, but hopefully the retail price will just 650 to 750 pesos.

[Update 9/24] It's now available for purchase via Jollibee App. 

We've spotted some online Jollibee Funko SODA postings in Shopee, in case you can't wait for the official release, or at least secure your slot. 

Don't forget to download the app so you can get your first dibs on the upcoming official release of Jollibee Funko SODA!

Jollibee Funko SODA via Jollibee App

Out of all the Jollibee Funko figures released in the market where you are only allowed one piece to keep, which is it?

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