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Online consultation before the wedding in Makati: Masks are mandatory

During the pandemic, pre-marriage counseling services are provided for residents who want to apply for a marriage license, these profound services are provided online by The Makati city government, via the Makati Social Welfare Department (MSWD).


According to Mayor Abigail Binay, the program was among the measures put in place by the city government for the people as the country relentlessly combats the Covid-19 pandemic.


“With this online service available at the city hall, our people who have the intention and plan to be joined together in matrimony will need to go out to and must meet the requirements of the marriage license application”, Binay affirmed in a statement.

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Wedding holds in Makati with Mask

Initially, at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, the government banned people from gatherings, including elaborate weddings for couples planning to get married. Nonetheless, the national government keeps solemnizing civil weddings in as much as the people involved are ready to follow all the documented prerequisites set in place by the city civil registration office.


It was confirmed by Binay that the city has been conducting weddings for couples with the mandatory use of face masks, this is part of the measures put in place by the government to stop the spread of the Covid-19 within the nation.


“Plans are put in place to steadily renovate and recreate our procedures and systems,” said Binay. During this uncertain period, it is very important to always be on top of the game, be responsible and be there for our people, we must likewise be able to offer quality services amid the pandemic.

What other rules are there for couples?


Before the advent of Covid-19, the MSWD confirmed that the pre-marital counseling sessions formerly hold three times a week with 15-18 couples in attendance per session.

 Presently, sessions are being held every day for four couples to make sure they practice total physical distancing and other precautionary procedures. The city government plans to only take up 15 couples per session with the initiation of the online premarital counseling service. Those in the city that want to participate in the service will need to meet the MSWD family and Men’s Welfare Section at 8870-1644 and give their email address and personal information.


By the time this is done, they will need to fill out the registration online for pre-marital counseling and family planning. They will have to wait for their schedule confirmation for online counseling. The moment the couples receive a confirmation message, the next thing they will do is to fill out online the Marriage Expectation Inventory. “After this, they may move to the Miscellaneous Division at the 3rd floor of the City Hall to make payment of P100 for the certificate,” this was affirmed by the city government in an advisory.


“By the time the online session has been attended on the planned date, the coupes will receive a certificate of attendance through the email address they submitted,” it stated, the couples that applied must present the certificate together with official proof of payment in other to receive their pre-marriage counseling certificate at the MSWD office situated at the 4th floor of the city hall main building.


While conducting the session, the city government mandates that the online counseling couples must have an uninterrupted and good internet connection with a minimum of 5mbps internet speed, WebEx account, and a personal computer with a webcam and microphone.


“All the couples must wear beautiful clothes for this session and keep the video on while the audio is muted,” the city government said. The city government in June started the Mask Garden Wedding for citizens to allow couples who are ready to get married during the Covid-19 period.

The civil wedding ceremony is performed by Binay at the Washington Sycip Park in Legaspi Village weekly. Every couple is permitted to come with just six guests to grace the occasion.

All the people attending the wedding with the couples inclusive must wear face masks and face shields, and all health procedures must be followed to the letter to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

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The city government usually conducts a mass wedding for the couples that are citizens before the pandemic. The wedding clothes, cakes, wedding rings, and venues are provided by the government.


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