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Independent ATM Deployer ENCASH marks 13th year of operations

ENCASH INC., the Philippines first Independent ATM deployer, marks its 13th  year of operations this November 16, 2020.
The ENCASH SuperPOS allows cash in and cash out functions.

On the company’s anniversary, ENCASH continues deployments of the SuperPOS, ENCASH’s latest flagship device.  The  launch  of  the  SuperPOS  earlier  this  year  achieved  pioneering  strides  in  providing  ATM functions to various communities all over the country via the mobile POS format.

ENCASH Management Team. (From Left to Right) Head of Operations Gary Pendraya, Chief Finance Officer Myra Nate, Director of Sales and Marketing Monette Mapa, President Mike Mapa. – at Seamless Convention, Singapore pre-pandemic.

The SuperPOS has currently been deployed to a wide variety of commercial establishments, ranging from sari-sari stores to groceries and general merchandise. ENCASH president Mike Mapa says, “The SuperPOS is like a mobile ATM. As long as you have an internet connection, you can transact anywhere—making any establishment, whether private or public, a possible partner.” Moreover, partners of ENCASH’s SuperPOS are promised a direct line to ENCASH agents for any follow-up servicing concerns. “We make sure that our partners don’t have to wait in line to get a response from us. We understand the urgency of concerns in our field, and so we hope to give all our stakeholders the service they need as soon as possible,” adds Mapa.

Through the successful rollout of the SuperPOS thus far, ENCASH continues to live up to its mission of providing financial access to Filipinos and ultimately lending to the overall growth and development of unbanked and underserved communities. With over 420 municipalities served, over 200 ATM terminals deployed, and 1600 POS devices managed, ENCASH continues to grow its network of financial inclusion that aims to help address the cash needs of citizens living in the rural areas.

Citizens line up to transact from the ENCASH SuperPOS amid the pandemic.

ENCASH is a proud member of BancNet and remains to be the country’s largest non-bank privately owned ATM network.

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