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McDonald’s Philippines introduces more convenient ways to order and enjoy food while reinforcing commitment on safety

Is it safe to eat and/or order at McDonald's? McDonald’s Philippines reinforces commitment on safety amid the pandemic. The brand also introduces more convenient ways to order and enjoy food

As the country remains under quarantine and as consumers continue to be extra careful with their safety, McDonald’s Philippines remains committed to find ways for Filipinos to continue enjoying their McDonald’s favorites, in the restaurant as well as in their homes. 

With the recent resumption of dine-in services, McDonald’s Philippines has shared how they have elevated their commitment to quality, service, safety and cleanliness with stringent policies for both their customers and employees. 

Through the first Mcdo virtual event, the brand invited the members of the media and bloggers to share how they reinforce the safety of their employees and of course their patrons and customers. The MCDo virtual meetup was hosted by Ryan Agoncillo. "I am safe with McDonalds.. Very comforting that McDo is a forward thinker and values the safety of their customers."

McDo, just like any businesses in the country, also suffered a big hit when Corona Virus has started spreading. The goverment and health organizations around the world has to make necessary to limit the spread of COVID-19. When enhance community quarantine was implemented a lot of the restos and fast food chains, had to close their stores. When the quarantine was gradually eased out, they were able to open some of their stores w/ limited work hours. 

Covid 19 is a blackswan event. To quote Investopedia, and since this is not only about health but also the economy. A black swan even is an "unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, their severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight."

McDo also shared how the plan to face this with their own Business continuity plan(BCP), where the framework has different stages:

  1. Response stage - runs first half of 2020
  2. Recovery stage -  2nd half of 2020
  3. Rebound Phase - where they try to get closer to pre-covid level
  4. Renewal  Phase - 2022-2023

Employees also now follow enhanced stringent safety protocols, which include: daily submission of health check forms; temperature checks before and after every shiftincreased hand washing frequency to every 30 minutes; provision of M Safe Care kits, including vitamins to help them take better care of their health. 

For customers, the number of those entering the stores will be managed. The following are implemented before entering the store: ‘no mask, no entry,’ temperature check, hand and footwear disinfection, and completion of a health check form. In stores, physical distancing in all areas including order queues and dine-in areas will be observed. Table service is done for dine-in customers to avoid any crowding in the claim area. Counter and table shields are also in place, among many other precautionary measures in-store. More importantly, a dedicated safety manager is assigned in every store to ensure all protocols are followed, and goes the extra mile of  offering hand sanitizer to customers every 30 minutes. To better improve its safety protocols, McDonald’s also encourages customers to send their feedback to

The company has also released a video on its M Safe Program, featuring their President and CEO, Kenneth Yang.

Watch McDonald's PH President and CEO, Kenneth Yang, assures everyone of safety at McDonald's

“Quality, service, safety, cleanliness and value have always been part of McDonald’s philosophy when it comes to operating its restaurants. As we continue to bring feel good moments for Filipinos in the new normal. We constantly strengthen all our practices and protocols for our customers, employees and partners” says Yang

More ways to safely enjoy McDonald’s favorites

Committed to ensure the safety of customers while making their meals more accessible, McDonald’s constantly introduces digital innovations to continue providing delicious food and feel-good moments to consumers.

“While we have reopened our doors for dine-in, and as we gain the confidence of our consumers with our elevated measures, we also acknowledge that a large population of Filipinos still choose to eat at home. Because of this, the omnichannel approach that we have prioritized since 2011 has become very relevant today in making our products more accessible to consumers while ensuring their safety,” says Margot B. Torres, Managing Director of McDonald’s Philippines.

As a forerunner in digital transformation among quick service restaurants, McDonald’s introduces a new ordering channel. With the Facebook Messenger chatbot, consumers can conveniently place their orders online. Through this initiative, McDonald’s allows an enhanced customer experience as they are able to place their orders ahead, schedule delivery or pick up at a designated time and preferred branch that is convenient for them. 

The brand has also introduced Park, Order and Pay in some stores wherein customers will just park, order from a McDonald’s crew without leaving the car, pay and wait for their order to be brought to them.

M Group Selections is another new offer which allows small groups to celebrate with McDonald’s food at good value, available via McDelivery, Drive Thru, Pick up or Take Out. With this initiative, customers are able to mix and match from the five (5) Group Selections food products depending on their preference and budget. Included in the offers such as World Famous French Fries, Best Tasting Chicken McDo (original and spicy), Chicken McNuggets, McSpaghetti and plain rice.

“With the introduction of the M Group Selections and our no touch channels, we are hopeful that our consumers will be able to satisfy their cravings at the comfort and safety of their homes. We will continue to find ways to delight our consumers as we navigate through the new normal,” adds Torres.

At the same time, McDonald’s continues to be available and accessible through platforms such as McDelivery, GrabFood, and FoodPanda. Check out delicious deals and other special offers through its McDonald’s app available on Android and iOS.

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