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A Quick Guide on How to Use and Activate ShopeePay

Shopee's very own cashless payment method known as ShopeePay has been there for quite some tme now. But, it's more important than every specially now that there's a pandemic so we can have a contactless interaction as much as possible when our Shopee orders gets delivered. Paper bills and coins are a good source of virus/bacteria transfer, whether we like it or not. Now during this crippling times, we dont want to get the virus in our way while we enjoy our online shopping to keep ourselves sane. It's a small way of rewarding yourself. With ShopeePay online shopping has there been this easy!

How to Activate ShopeePay:

  1. On the “Me” tab in the Shopee app, tap “ShopeePay” then “Set Up ShopeePay”
  2. Enter your personal information and the check your phone to receive the One Time Password (OTP)
  3. Create and confirm your ShopeePay PIN

Once you're Shopee Pay is activated, it will be easy for you to checkout the items on your cart. Get exclusive discounts that are only available when you checkout using ShopeePay

How to Use ShopeePay

Before being able to pay for any purchases, you need to top up your ShopeePay wallet.
  1. Top up your ShopeePay wallet
    1. Tap “Top Up” and select the denomination
    2. Pay for your Top-Up via the available payment centers/options. Once Shopee confirms your payment, the Top Up amount will automatically enter into your ShopeePay wallet. Now your ShopeePaywallet is ready for you to use!
  2. Select ShopeePay as Payment Method
    1. After checkout, tap “Payment Option”
    2. Tap “ShopeePay” as the payment method
  3. Pay for your purchase with ShopeePay
    1. Tap “Confirm” to use ShopeePay for your purchase
    2. Your ShopeePay balance will immediately deduct the paid amount.

You can learn more about ShopeePay on this link

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