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WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, SAMOAN Dynasty to bring wrestling mania in Manila this March

This March, wrestling and boxing fans and afficionados in the Philippines are in for a treat. World Wrestling Asia or WWA, opens its doors to  for all aspiring pro wrestlers in the Philippines.

KnokX Pro, in partnership with RED Boxing International, has recently formed a new, groundbreaking promotion in the world of professional wrestling – World Wrestling Asia (WWA.) As part of WWA's first agenda, it will go on an initial publicity tour throughout the Philippines this month of March 2020.

Pro wrestling Hall of Famer Rikishi, Reno "Black Pearl" Anoa'i and James "Maverick" Rikiel will arrive March 15 to hold clinics throughout the Philippines for local, aspiring, professional wrestlers. 

Following the publicity tour, World Wrestling Asia will host a “Road To The Philippines” show in Los Angeles, CA which will be broadcast live in order to build awareness and anticipation for the ensuing WWA tour of the Philippines in August 2020. The multi-city tour of the Philippines (tour name TBA) will include 14 different WWA shows across Asia, showcasing both local and international talent. 

Together, KnokX Pro and RED Boxing International, as the WWA are committed to fostering local talent, putting on one of a kind spectacles for underserved markets, and reinventing the professional wrestling landscape in Asia.

KnokX Pro has become the premier destination for aspiring professional wrestlers across the globe. It was founded by wrestlers for wrestlers, PRO Wrestler Reno “Black Pearl” Anoa’i  is the CEO, and WWE Hall of Famer Junior “Rikishi” Fatu is the named President,  which are both part of the SAMOAN DYNASTY,

Located in the heart of Southern California, KnokX Pro has produced some of the most prominent competitors in the wrestling world today with alumni going on to work for organizations such as the WWE, NXT and MLW to name a few. In addition to developing some of the most premier talent in the wrestling world, KnokX Pro has also produced some of the most successful independent wrestling tours of the last decade, including: The 2009 Hulkamania Australia Tour, Nu Wrestling Evolution (NWE), and various high profile shows in Hollywood, CA.

The SAMOAN DYNASTY has continuously churned out some of the greatest professional wrestlers that the world has ever seen. Former WWE Champions The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Yokozuna as well as former World Tag Team Champions The Usos, The Wild Samoans, and The Headshrinkers are just a few examples of the proud members of the SAMOAN DYNASTY. No matter the era, the SAMOAN DYNASTY has consistently left their impression on the entire Wrestling world. Vince McMahon was once quoted stating “This business was tailor made for the Samoan Dynasty.” In addition to cultivating their family members, The SAMOAN DYNASTY has trained some of the most renowned Sports Entertainers of all time including Batista and Rusev just to name a few. Now with Junior “Rikishi” Fatu and Reno “Black Pearl” Anoa’i at the helm, The SAMOAN DYNASTY plans to continue expanding their global reach

RED Boxing International, founded by famed boxing promoter Rey "Cacoi" Almirante Rodis, is a promotional and management organization for professional boxers. As a third-generation promoter, Rodis has spent his entire life around boxing and has always used the sport as a vehicle to propel social good within his home country of the Philippines. With vast success in their previous boxing tours and ventures across Asia, RED Boxing Promotions decided to expand its reach in the world of combat sports by executing this unprecedented partnership with KnokX Pro. 
If you feel and think that you have a chance to part of the wrestling industry, has the talent, or even without prior experience,  send your inquiry via email:  or visit their  website:

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