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New Jollibee Funko Pops to hit stores November

It's true that once you Pop! you can't stop as Jollibee announces the release of new Jollibee Funko Pop come November 2019. And it's not just one, but two new Jollibee Funko Pop Vinyl Figures to come our way

Every since the Jolibee Funko Pop mania began, more people, especially collectors got hooked with it. Though the Funko Pop figures has been in the Philippines even before the Jollibee character figures has been announced, but the Funko Pop business and collectors boomed since the Jollibee Funko Pop Ad Icon was introduced.

Funko Pop Jollibee and Hetty Vinyl Figure
Its started with the Jollibee Figure that looks the same as the one you can greets you everytime you dine at their stores. Then there's the Jollibee Metallic variant which is said to be limited to 4000 pieces.

They also released the Jollibee Vinyl Figure in Philippine Baron, then its Glow in the Dark Variant a few months after.

Today Jollibee has announced that new figures will be out come 8th of November, featuring new Jollibee pose where he holds a bucket of Jollibee Chickenjoy and Hetty in Cheerleader suit.

Per Jollibee' official Facebook page, the new Jollibee Funko Pop 2-Pack figure will be exlusively available starting 8th of November 2019 on select Jollibee stores. For mechanics on how to get the new Jollibee Funko Figures, it will be announced sooner than you think.

In the past, you can purchase the Jollibee Funko Pop Figures by purchasing a bucket of Chicken plus PHP650(if I can still remember it right) to get the Jollibee Ad Icon.

Don't forget the date and see you at the Jollibee stores. Which Jollibe Funko Pop you'd love to see next?

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