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Then and now: PSBank’s innovations for customers through the years

PSBANK made impressive improvements in making your banking experience easier and better than before

Technology has indeed changed and shaped the local banking landscape, enabling Filipinos to perform their financial transactions anytime, anywhere. Now, consumers have the convenient option of not going physically to the bank and waiting in line for a long time to do simple tasks such as cash withdrawals, money remittances, or even loan applications.
PSBank recognized these dynamic developments, and has released innovative products, platforms, and services over the years – most of which harness the power of digital technology – to give customers the ability to truly focus on the moments that matter to them.

Here are some ways the Bank has redefined modern banking capabilities and enhanced the experience of its customers, enabled through a full suite of future-ready services:

1. Then: Lining up to deposit or withdraw
Now: Seamless, on-the-go mobile banking

In the past, you would have to go physically to a bank to transact. Today, you can manage your finances at any ATM nationwide. PSBank further upgrades your experience with cardless withdrawals – now you can request for cash at any PSBank ATM without a card. You can also already deposit eligible checks by just taking a photo of them using the upgraded PSBank App.

2. Then: Going to an ATM to check account balance
Now: Just open the App to monitor funds

Before, you would need to search for and line up at the nearest ATM to check your balance. With PSBank’s Mobile App, you can easily check how much funds you have with just a few simple taps on your handheld device.

3. Then: Going to a remittance center to send money
Now: Easily send funds via PaSend and PayMe

Before, you need to go to a remittance center to transfer cash to your loved ones, family, and friends. Recently, PSBank launched its PaSend service, which lets you transmit funds using the App within minutes. Your recipients can withdraw at any PSBank or Metrobank ATM, even if they don’t have an account with the Bank. 

Meanwhile, you can also use PayMe – one of the Bank’s recent innovations –  to pay dues or request for payment from others, all in real-time.

4. Then: One week of waiting for feedback on your loan application
Now: One-day loan approval through PSBank’s Online Loan Application Program

Usually, it takes a week or more to secure approval on a loan, and you need to apply in person to qualify and proceed with it. With PSBank, approval confirmations only take 24 hours. Also, PSBank’s upgraded website has a loan calculator that can accurately compute the monthly amortization so you can effectively optimize your planning.

5.  Then: Settling bills through payment centers
Now: Easy payments via PSBank’s platforms

Having different billers meant you had to go to different payment centers to settle your obligations. Today, PSBank offers multiple ways to pay bills – PSBank Mobile, PSBank Online, in addition to its wide network of ATMs and branches. You can settle your balances for utilities, credit cards, cable and internet, and so much more, 24/7.

“At PSBank, we are truly committed to constantly innovate – to significantly enhance the way our customers do their transactions. Through our mobile banking, e-payment, and cardless withdrawal offerings – which are just some of our customer-centric services – Filipinos can now focus on the things that matter to them, most especially, their families,” says Emmanuel Tuazon, Senior Vice President and Head of PSBank’s Marketing Group.

For more information about PSBank and its innovations, visit You may also download the upgraded PSBank Mobile App from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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