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It’s now easy to find a nurse for your baby with this handy app

Are you still looking for a nurse for your baby? Finally there's an app to aide you and to easily to find a nurse for your baby

Meet AIDE, the convenient app that quickly gets you a nurse— or any licensed healthcare professional

In 2016, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) released a report which showed that the so-called “ber” months see the highest birth rates in the country. September had the highest rate at 164,038, which comprised 9.5 percent of the total birth rate that year. October came in next with 9.3 percent, and November with 8.9 percent.

If you’re having a baby around this time, you might be one among the hundreds of thousands who are, as well. And as we all know, the constant vigilance needed to take care of a baby gets very exhausting for both new and seasoned parents. With everything that’s going on, from looking after your baby to dealing with postpartum care, it doesn’t hurt to get a little help—an extra pair of hands, if you will.

What if we told you that you could book a caregiver as easy as you could grab a car through your favorite ridesharing app? This is what’s possible today with AIDE, the first iPhone and Android app that lets you easily book a nurse, a caregiver, or any other licensed medical professional with a single tap.

With AIDE, finding the right help for you is now possible. Who knew that booking for a 12-hr night or day shift caregiver could be as easy as booking a hotel reservation? AIDE app offers just that! Be able to book a day or night duty nursing care by easily requesting a schedule through the AIDE app. Most parents even book in advance to secure a schedule for their upcoming birth.

Here’s how easy it is to book a professional using AIDE

With just a few taps on their phone, AIDE aims to lend a hand to those who need help for both themselves and their loved ones.

  1. Download the AIDE App at Apple app store or Google Play store
  2. Sign up and create your profile
  3. Go to the NURSING CARE (long-term) section of the app
  4. Choose who the visit is for and what are the responsibilities of the caregiver
  5. Wait for a confirmation via app regarding your request
  6. Once confirmed, comfortably wait for your home care partner to arrive at your home

This service is not only for your little bundle of joy but also available for elderly care, whether it be for companionship or medical and daily living assistance. This way, we can provide our grandparents or parents the same love and care that they gave us when we were young.

What’s even better is if you try AIDE now, you can enjoy ongoing promos this month for newborn and elderly caregiving duties – avail of a 10-day caregiver duty for only P1,000 per 12 hour shift (appointment period must be from October 1 to December 31, 2019)! You can schedule appointments in advance and avail them at a later date this season. Download the app and book right away, as slots run out quick!

AIDE also offers doctor visits, home laboratory tests, vaccinations, medicine delivery, and physical therapy.

Established by siblings Paolo Bugayong, Pamela Bugayong-Donato, and Patrick Bugayong, MD in 2016, AIDE aims to bring quality home healthcare in the comfort of your own home. It got a boost in October 2018, when Ayala Healthcare Holdings invested in AIDE in line with its strategy of developing the healthtech industry in the country.

For more info and updates on AIDE and their promos, like AIDE on Facebook at and follow on Instagram at @aideapp.

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