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Harley Davidson 2020 LiveWire Boasting Innovative Tech

After five years of waiting, the highly-anticipated 2020 Harley-Davidson, LiveWire, is finally here, indicating a turning point for all conventional motorcycle manufacturers.

The LiveWire is not only HD's first electric motorcycle, but also one that features an array of technologies that were not expected from the American manufacturer. Amid much speculation, it was finally revealed that the LiveWire’s innovative technology will not only be limited to a single model, but that at least two of the major features will be either standard or optional for a large number of 2020 motorcycle models.

The concept has been a long time coming

The LiveWire concept is by no means a new one, and dates back to 2014. To test the viability of an electric Harley Davidson, Project LiveWire traversed the globe, having nearly 12,000 individuals try out the silent prototype. Now, with the release of the 2020 model and even more specifications to consider, motorcycle enthusiasts will have a difficult choice to make when acquiring a new bike. While the expected launch price of $30,000 is deemed somewhat exorbitant by some, the price tag becomes warranted once all the advanced technologies are considered.

Harley’s H-D Connect service ready to impress

Every 2020 CVO, LiveWire and Tri-Glide Ultra will come standard with Harley Davidson’s H-D Connect service, which will almost function like OnStar, but for motorcycles. While the app may seem nifty, albeit unnecessary, it does boast a number of features that can be of great assistance to a motorcyclist. As long as a strong cellular signal is maintained, the rider will have access to vital statistics, including battery charge, fuel level, available range and tire pressure (if a tire pressure monitoring system has been installed). The service also includes a variety of safety features, including stolen bike tracking and tamper alerts. Subscribers to the service will also be able to search for nearby charging stations, which will undoubtedly contribute to peace-of-mind on the road. The aforementioned models will all come with a free one-year trial, whereafter riders can choose whether they want to sign up for a paid subscription.

Don’t forget the impressive throttle response

While the H-D Connect service is undoubtedly extraordinary, the Livewire’s throttle technology is as impressive. According to Project Manager, Glen Koval, one of the top priorities for the LiveWire was refined throttle response technology. The aim of the design team was to provide riders with the correct level of response from the throttle that will result in a smooth ride at all times. The LiveWire throttle is matched to four built-in riding modes aptly-named Road, Rain, Sport and Range, with the latter being the mode that employs the regenerative braking system to its fullest to ensure that the battery receives more charge when the rider rolls off the throttle. In addition to the four standard modes, there are also three custom modes that enable the rider to alter the throttle response, regen braking, power, and traction control via the user-friendly 4.3-inch touchscreen dashboard.  

As timeless as a Harley Davidson may be, it is imperative for the brand to stay abreast of the latest technological developments. While the LiveWire is HD's first electric motorbike, it definitely will not be the only technological breakthrough the brand will offer consumers in the near future.

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