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Know why Moneymax is the best platform for comparing car insurance and financial products online

This online car insurance platform is known for its comprehensive comparison of financial products. They are bridging the gap and helping customers make informed decision(s).

For a car owner, getting the right car insurance is crucial. Accidents can happen anytime, and not having an insurance coverage may mean significant financial loss. Even for those with an insurance plan, not having an easy access to making claims can mean numerous headaches. Unclear procedures, processing delays, and poor customer service are just among the pain points that car owners typically experience when dealing with insurance companies.

Filipinos have discovered Moneymax financial comparison website, in making it more easy in getting a car insurance and claims processing. James Deakin, reputed motoring journalist who is known for his deep knowledge of all things automotive, mirrors the experience of other satisfied customers as he swears by the convenience and the power to  choose the best car insurance deals. 

Rather than scouring through options from multiple insurance companies, he can now go straight to comparing and purchasing the different plans right over at It’s a convenient comparison platform and financial guide, right at his fingertips.

Moneymax helps you get better car insurance deals in 3 ways: 
  1. Save as much as 14.5% on your annual premium versus other companies.
  2. Assured of faster and better customer service, with the 15-minute average response time on FB Messenger and with 100% of e-policies issued within 2-3 business days.
  3. Claims experience will definitely be hassle-free, since you get to receive your LOA quick with Moneymax’s free and fully digital claims assistance tools, with a 24-hour response time for all claims requests.

The website also provides well-researched and unbiased financial advice through informative articles, Facebook Live sessions, and more that add to your car insurance know-how.

For years, Moneymax has continued to make car insurance comparison a hassle-free task. Now on its 5th anniversary, the website gets a refreshed look for a more user-friendly and seamless experience.

Moneymax redesigned their website and logo to further push their promise to customers of easily finding the car insurance deals they need, through transparent and convenient ways. Their sales personnel are dedicated to educating their consumers, helping them navigate their choices and making the selection process easy. As a result, the customers end up getting the best price.

Not surprisingly, seven out of ten customers choose to renew their car insurance through this website.

For example, Alejandro Lukban, a satisfied  customer, who has been renewing his insurance with Moneymax in the past five years, because he loves the personalized attention from the advisor as well as the freedom to choose the best value for his money. He also enjoys the convenience of going over the deals via phone or email, so much so that he says he’ll be with Moneymax “for the next five years and beyond!”

Enabling Moneymax in delivering top-notch service are its insurance and banking partners. One of which is SGI Philippines, which has been a partner since 2015. Farhat Hussain, CEO & President, said that “Moneymax has helped us to grow the topline of our company”. 

Moneymax would not have reached 5 years in the business were it not for the support of its employees. Overall, Moneymax gives people the opportunity to be more discerning about the options available when it comes to money matters.

Thanks to Moneymax, car-owners have an ally in spotting the best insurance plan suited especially for them. So when it comes to money and informed decisions, let Moneymax help you by visiting their site at to find the best insurance deals made especially for you.

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