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Jamba Juice blends lifestyle and sports with Whirl'd Cup 2019

During the summer, some often look forward for a relaxing vacation, but to many Filipinos, this is the perfect time to go outdoors, be with friends and have a good time to get active. Same with Jamba Juice, summer is not only for healthy activities but also time to blend the passion for finding and bonding with a community.

This led for Jamba Juice to host the second edition of Whirl'd Cup, a two-day mixed Ultimate Frisbee tourney organized with JMJ Sports Training Service, in partnership with the Philippine Flying Disc Association.

The 2019 Whirl'd Cup was held at Ayala Alabang Country Club last May 11 and 12, where 27 teams composed of over 550 players participated. The Frisbee tournament has no age limited, a mix of first-timers, regulars and even veteran players.

At Jamba, we believe in blending goodness into every moment. In our stores, we use real whole fruits blended with our juices to create smoothies, juices, and bowls - whether the combination is unusual or expected - the experience and taste is still great... When we looked at Ultimate Frisbee, we saw how the community blended each individual player into one big family. From ages 15 to 50, mean and women blended together for a weekend of Ultimate fun and Jamba Juice smoothies 
-  Jamba Juice Marketing Manager Steph Elumba

The Whirl'd Cup, which is already on 2nd leg, didn't only promote healthy and active lifestyle but also introduced Ultimate, a fast-paced non-contact sport. All you need to have is a disc and a well-lit space and the game is on. First introduced in the Philippines in the early 2000s, Ultimate Frisbee has become the one of the fastest growing community in Asia.

Elumba believes that Ultimate is the sport that best encapsulates Jamba Juice brand's values and vision in having a Better Blended life. "Ultimate is a great way to blend people of different ages, sexes, professions and backgrounds in one space. as the sports inclusive nature makes it easier for peoplw woh share a passion for sports, fitness, and good food and drink to come together."

Jamba Juice helps and promotes Ultimate to more Filipinos by giving a portion of the sales from the Jamba Juice food truck, the Fender Bender, to Pilipinas Ultimate, the national Ultimate team  of the PH, who will partake in Japan and China tournaments.

Steph Elumba also highlights the importance of nourishing our bodies with delicious yet nutritious food to enjoya more inclusive in sports and active lifestyle. "A better you starts with better food(in this case, our smoothies), and when you can tap into the better you, you can help create a better world... We hope that more people will e inspired by Whirl'd Cup, start creating their vision of a healthful life, and get blended into Ultimate's exciting and fun scene."

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