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EPSON maintains bullish PH Market share, to focus on B2B operations and core technologies

Epson PH plans to focus on core technologies and B2B operations for a bigger market share this 2019.

To maintain its bullish PH market share this 2019, Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) shared its plans to build on new businesses, minimize dependence on mainstream product segments and optimize its B2B operations in a recent media thanksgiving activity in Boracay, Aklan.

Last FY18, Epson Philippines posted an overall positive growth of 23%, topping its own FY17’s already outstanding growth of 14%. In terms of product category, inkjet printers and scanners were the highest contributors at 70%, followed by point of sale (POS) and dot matrix printers at 14%, visual instruments at 11% and commercial & industrial products at 5%. 

Eduardo Bonoan in Boracay, the General Manager for Marketing, Epson Philippines Corporation
For Epson to become an indispensable company, we have to continue to move outside of our comfort zone and into a more progressive mindset—with obsession to details still deeply embedded in our DNA... To add to our exceptional performance for inkjet printers and scanners, the FY18 performance for POS and dot matrix printers, visual instruments and commercial & industrial products tells us that this is the perfect opportunity to build the new foundation for Epson here in the Philippines.
-  Eduardo Bonoan, General Manager for Marketing, Epson Philippines Corporation

Bonoan also noted the changing mindset of customers brought about by technological advancements. With technology enabling more personalized and real-time experiences, customers expect more from businesses.

As it enters a new fiscal year, Epson Philippines sets out to penetrate niche markets while enhancing its operations to better address the requirements of the B2B(business to business) segment. In a series of presentations during its annual media thanksgiving event, Fusion 10 aka Fus10n, EPC presented its plans under the build initiative and dove deeper with focused presentations on printers and visual instruments.

Under the build initiative, Epson Philippines will focus more on Epson’s cutting-edge Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), LIJ printers, scanners, label printers, mobile POS, CAD, signage and textile printers, as well as its high brightness projectors

Some if these technologies were showcased by EPSON as part of its Fusion 10 event in Boracay, where members of the media were tasked to do some challenges using Epson products

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