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Heart Evangelista-Escudero on making art and drawing inspiration

In a recent feature on an international fashion magazine, actress Heart Evangelista-Escudero reveals that she painted on one of her luxury handbags to hide a stubborn food stain. What started as a cover-up is now a hit among her fans and fellow fashionistas, prompting some of Heart’s friends to ask for their own customized handbags.

These portable canvases provide a snapshot of the multi-awarded actress’ artistic style. As seen in her recent exhibits, the visual artist loves to create images of emotion-filled women, exploring themes such as enchantment, grace under pressure, and alter egos.

“I’ve always dabbled in art as a little girl, but it’s only recently that I have given it more time and focus,” says the multi-hyphenate. “In both challenging and inspiring moments in my life, painting has been a way for me to channel my thoughts and feelings.”

Inspired by expressionist and cubist painters like Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee, Heart loves to embellish her paintings, pouring out her feelings in every brush stroke. Oftentimes, it takes months for her to finish a portrait, jumping back and forth between two or more projects, “I’m obsessed with filling in my works with details. I also like using slow-drying oil paint because it allows me to mix a different pigment on the canvas, even if I’ve applied the previous layer of paint hours or days before.” 

While it has been a few months since her last exhibit, Heart has been preoccupied with creative experiences lately. After her stint at New York Fashion Week, the style icon is back in Europe to visit more fashion shows and attend to her commitments for certain luxury brands. “I’ve been snapping and uploading moments from my major fashion moments here in Europe. I cannot wait to get back to a blank canvas and translate all my new ideas into art,” she shares.

Heart knows that artistic inspiration can strike at any time, so she’s always prepared to capture these moments with her Samsung Galaxy Note9. “Whenever ideas and visions come to mind, I instantly act on them with my Connected Bluetooth S Pen. It makes writing, sketching, and designing on-the-go so much easier, whether I’m on the plane, or walking on the streets of Paris,” shares Heart. “I usually do these on a small notebook, but the Galaxy Note9 is more convenient to use.”

Drawing from her journey as an artist, Heart encourages aspiring creatives to be persistent in pursuing their passions. “Keep on doing what you love and take hold of inspiration whenever it appears. In time, you’ll be able to create wonderful and beautiful works.”

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