Former TGIS love team and ex-BF Chubi del Rosario surprises Anne Curtis during her last Annekulit concert

Here's something for throwback Thursday. Reyster aka Chubi del Rosario gave Anne a short yet sweet message and congratulated her while doing a dance segment for one of her major sponsor and leading e-commerce platform, Shopee.

On the video(below), Chubi greeted Anne and said, “Hey Anne! Congratulations on your final concert. Would have loved to be there but we have a special little something for you. Enjoy!”
Right after, a concert staff gave Anne a bouquet of flowers from Chubi.

Anne and Chubi made headlines before when the actress posted on social media a throwback photo with her and Chubi, where she said, “Batang 90's ka kung kilala mo kami. 😂 First and ONLY "love team" ko. So nice to see you again Reyster. Kakamiss. - Em ❤️”

From Anne Curtis' Official FB Page: Reyster and Em

What's your favorite Reyster and EM moment?

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