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The future, according to LG

In 1912, a French chocolate company packaged a series of promotional cards with their sweets that looked at the world in 2012. One of the cards depicted parents in France speaking to their son in an unnamed Asian country through a television-telephone, deemed a futuristic gadget during that time. More than 100 years later, this technology has been realized through Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP applications that make use of mobile phones, computer screens or smart TVs. 

What would have been considered science fiction a century ago (or even only as far back as 30 years ago) is now reality. Technologies that were deemed crazy, far-fetched or impossible are now at the tip of our fingertips, giving us access to mind-blowing concepts such as AI, 4K and HDR. Crazier still, these technologies are evolving at a rapid pace to meet the audience demand for more connection, more personalization and more future-oriented inventions. 

LG Electronics is leading the charge, offering a wide range of technological solutions that meet the demands of tomorrow’s society. Over the last few years alone, LG’s product portfolio has grown to include robots, smart appliances and high-definition screens that have dramatically changed the way we communicate, perform chores and absorb entertainment. One of its most impressive innovations is OLED, a physical display technology that would fit right in with how we envision futuristic smart cities. LG’s range of OLED signage offer the ideal solution for forward-thinking city planners looking to liven up public areas with interactive, mind-blowing displays. Featuring razor-thin bezels, high luminance, flexible panels and customization possibilities, these OLED screens can be used for advertising, educational or informational purposes in public environments such as retail malls, airports or hotel lobbies. 

LG OLED displays are also perking up the the home setting.  Screens as big as 77 inches but as thin as 0.23 inches (for the LG OLED TV W8) reveal images with perfect blacks and deeper contrasts, therefore offering more detail. The newest models are also equipped with LG’s new Alpha A9 processor, which delivers more intense color rendering, a wider viewing angle and better noise reduction. 

The new processor also gives these televisions of tomorrow the brains for ThinQ, LG’s AI-enhanced platform. This new technology goes above and beyond the voice search offered on other smart TVs, and includes voice commands for deep control of all the TV’s settings, allowing you to increase the volume, make adjustments, and switch between picture modes and so on.

Entertainment, information dissemination, education, communication—all are being transformed in ways only imagined a century, even decades, ago. We face a fascinating future, one with smart cities, intelligent appliances and unprecedented technology. With LG, the future is indeed looking bright.

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