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Taiwan Excellence Day: Smart Technology, Smart Living

New Quality products and innovations are featured at this year's Taiwan Excellence Day that helps Filipinos have a smarter way of living through the use of smart technology

One of the booths at Taiwan Excellence Day Affair
There 2-day affair organized by The Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), commonly known as Taiwan Excellence has kicked off a tremendous success last Friday and Saturday.

The ceremonial toast led by the Taiwan Excellence executives
Most media partners and colleagues were present as Taiwan Excellence executives together with patron Brand Managers discussed and presented their premium brands ready at the market.

Mr. Anvey Factora, Head of Marketing
ASUS Philippines
Consumers and patrons also flocked in later in the afternoon. Some even bought their dream items on-the-spot and enjoyed discounts.

I myself was amazed of the new and latest technology and innovations presented such as the travel luggage by Departure which has a sturdy hard casing and detachable compartment which also serves as backpack ready to grab anytime you’re ready to roam the cities of your destination.  The entire material and make of these travel luggages are strong enough to be lacerated or slashed.  So you never need to worry you might be a prey to some notorious looters.

The Opro9 Smart Diaper booth
Another one that got my curiosity was the Opro9 Smart Diaper.  It is a diaper change reminder for babies and adults.  When parents are busy and forget to change their baby’s diaper, it can remind them accurately when the best time is to change it.  This technology helps consumers save costs of diapers as well as reduce the chance of diaper rash.  For adults who experiences incontinence and specially those who are bed-ridden, chances are you cannot tell at once if the diaper is already full.  This Opro9 Smart Diaper does the reminder for you.

Ms. Mary Grace Martinez, Product Trainer,
Aside from those, other ingenious communication and connectivity solutions for households, offices and businesses were also presented.  ASUS launched their new ROG notebooks, premium notebook devices, and the latest addition to their smartphone line called Zenfone 5 and Max Pro (M1). 

Atop Technologies, Inc. also highlighted their 3G/4G Internet of Things Gateway to connect and remotely supervise multiple field devices.  D-Link brought their latest product lines for consumer, small and medium businesses and surveillance businesses.  Lastly, but not the least, Gigabyte showcased their 300-series chipset and Gaming Series, which includes the Z370, H370, B350 Aorus motherboards for action-packed gaming.

Mr. Jopson Li, President Director,
PT, Atop Technologies, Inc.
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