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2018’s 4 Best Hoverboard Models

Hoverboards blasted onto the scene a few years ago and are still having their moment owing to their fun-for-the-whole-family entertainment value.

If you’ve seen hoverboards rolling around the streets and are desperate to have a go yourself, you’ve come to the right place. If you dream of gliding on your board rather than being spat off onto the curb, you need to choose a model that is safety regulated and actually works.

2018 Best Hoverboard models

We’ve put together this guide to help you do exactly that. With one of these top pick products, you’ll be swerving through the city in no time. Get one for yourself, your kid’s birthday, and another for a friend so you don’t board alone!

Here’s the top-rated hoverboards of 2018, according to their excellent consumer reviews and media recommendations. 

SagaPlay F1 Self-Balance Board

This board is the best rated model featured on hoverboard recommended by the review site, and it’s clear to see why. This nifty black board is both stylish and functional – it features all terrain tires and a non-slip surface, so you can take it anywhere. It’s certainly one for the more serious riders out there, and probably best suited for adult boarders.

The brand promises that the F1 board works great on grass, sand and mud, plus is able to motor up hills up to a 15-degree angle—perfect for extreme sportspeople who love a challenge. It even has LED indicator lights to show everyone around you your intentions, adding an extra layer of safety. 

Snap up a SagaPlay if you’ve had a go with a hoverboard before and want to ramp your skills up to the next level.

VEEKO Two-Wheel Hoverboard

This compact black, silver and blue board is lightweight and easy to steer, making it amazing for beginners and kids. The other big draw for the child hoverboard market is that the VEEKO board is Bluetooth enabled – users can go rollin’ along to their favorite tunes and be the envy of everyone at the skatepark.

The VEEKO model is recommended for city travel, meaning that keeping on the sidewalk is a rider’s best bet. Its strong motor keeps riders stable and makes for an excellent experience. 

This model comes with a one-year warranty if any part should be defective, and is guaranteed under safety and fire regulations. Users love the VEEKO hoverboard for its smooth glide and lightweight frame – give it a go today!

MegaWheels Self-Balance Hoverboard Scooter

Bored with the standard black boards on the market? 

No fear – MegaWheels have got your back. As well as a sleek black number, they also have boards in hot pink, sunshine yellow, racing red, dazzling white and royal blue hues: great for those who love to express their individuality with their gadgets!

The MegaWheels board features sturdy, thick wheels with rubber foot grips and shiny hard-shell casing. The brand claims their product is easy to ride and a dream to control, featuring a powerful motor to get you where you’re going. 

With 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this hoverboard has plenty of pleased customers. Join them today by ordering a MegaWheels board in your choice of color! 

TOMOLOO LED Hoverboard

Never go unseen with this board, which is loud in more ways than one! 

It has Bluetooth compatibility and great speakers built-in, plus flashing lights built into the tires, the front of the board and the back. If you fancy a disco-dance with your hoverboard ride, look no further than all the bells and whistles you’ll get with a TOMOLOO board!

The board is durable, sturdy, and safety-conscious. The ‘red flashing light’ feature offers great peace of mind for parents: the board lights flash red when the model is moving too fast, meaning that parents can step in and slow things down when supervising kids playing with the vehicle. 

Customer reviews state that this board is fine for indoor use and looks amazing with the lights off (Be careful to move any low-lying furniture if you use a board in the dark)!

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