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Mythical Mermaids featured on Blue Ant Entertainment’s newest TV Series, Siren

Blue Ant Entertainment showcases their latest drama series where you'll be hooked in watching to. Siren, the TV Series from BAM, highlights mermaids who coexist with humans and their struggle to live in their natural habitat

Mermaids, Sirena in Filipino, in popular culture are often shy but enchanting half-human, half-fish creatures that would risk exposing their secret existence to save drowning sailors in a stormy sea.

There are many myths surrounding the existence of mermaids and sirens. In greek mythology, Sirens are mythic creatures who lure sailors to their doom. Sightings of Sirens were considered unlucky omens for British Sailors during the middle ages. In China, pearls were thought to come from mermaids' tears. Today, Sirens and mermaids are becoming part of our lifestyle, we see them in tattoos, in aquatic parks where you can dress and swim like one

During the special SIREN media screening blogger and members of the media were treated with the first episodes of the newest and exciting American drama series premiering Monday, 4 June at 9:45PM on Blue Ant Entertainment. We saw some movies and tv series in the past related but BAM's Siren is something different and will leave you hooked to the next episodes.

Legend has it that mermaids once lived on what is now Bristol Cove, a quiet coastal town on the Pacific Northwest. The town folklore would soon prove more than a fairytale with the sudden appearance of a young woman who calls herself Ryn.  The mysterious visitor catches the eye of local marine biologist Ben Pownall, whose interest on the strange woman arouses suspicion from fellow marine biologist, Maddie Bishop.

Others, like deep-sea fisherman Xander McClure, are also on a quest to uncover the truth beneath the waves, while town eccentric Helen Hawkins seems to know more about the local legend than what Bristol Cove has been led to believe.

Tension rises between the denizens of land and sea as predatory mermaids seek to claim their birthright.

Meet the cast. The Town of Bristol Cove discovers a secret hidden underwater as predatory aquatic creatures suddenly come to the surface. From left: Ian Verdun as deep-sea fisherman Xander McClure, Fola Evans-Akingbola and Ben Pownall as marine biologists Maddie Bishop and Alex Roe, Eline Powell and Sibongile Mlambo as mermaids Ryn and Donna, and Rena Owen as the town folklore expert Helen Hawkins.

Get to know the cast of Siren

Belgian actress Eline Powell stars as the mysterious Ryn, opposite British actor Alex Roe playing marine biologist Ben Pownall. Together they unravel the secrets of Bristol Cove along with British actress Fola Evans-Akingbola as Maddie Bishop, American actor Ian Verdun as Xander McClure, and New Zealand actress Rena Owen as the town folklorist, Helen Hawkins.

In case you didn't know Eline Powell, already got a few films and under her sleeve. She played the role of Angelique in the Dustin Hoffman-directed film “Quartet,” which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Powell was the recipient of the 19th Annual Capri Breakout Actress Award, which she accepted in Capri. She's also part of Game of Thrones, where she played a recurring role as Brenda. While Alex Roe was last seen in the movie Fifth Wave opposite Chloe Moretz.

Siren will premiere on June 4, where movie Pirates of the Caribbean, possibly On Stranger Tides sequel. Block your schedule and binge-watch to enjoy the first two episodes!

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