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SAMSUNG flips business boundaries with an innovative Digital Flip Chart

As the leading innovator and developer of groundbreaking technologies, Samsung once again introduces another breakthrough in the world of business and entrepreneurship alike.  Business meetings and on-the-spot team or group discussions can now be done in a jiffy without the hassle and pressure of preparing ahead of time. This means more time to contemplate on your presentation content.

Samsung Flip now in PH
Samsung Flip's interactive and user-friendly Ultra High Definition (UHD) display helps users to fully engage in meetings and navigate ideations without having to interrupt each other.

Samsung Flip Specs: 

  • Display: 55-inch Edge LED display
  • Resolution: 3840x2160 
  • Contrast Ratio: 4700:1
  • Response time: 8ms
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB, WiGFi, RJ45, RS213 In (Serial)

Samsung introduces the “Future of Collaboration” called Samsung Flip chart.  The future of business meetings will never be the same again with this innovative tool.  It works as interactive digital flip chart, allowing multiple users to introduce content on the screen at the same time.

We, members of the media had our first hands-on experience with Samsung Flip display. We tried scribbling on it using the accompanying dual-sided pen or even our fingers and love the result.  Up to 4 people can use it simultaneously using varied strokes or even drawings.  You can also apply colors to your work or to the fonts itself.  The possibilities are so amazing and endless.  Samsung Flip display for me is like my own personal smartphone magnified several times.  You can use it vertically or flip it horizontally, similar to our desktop’s portrait and landscape orientations, to emphasize the content you are discussing.  It suits every presentation possible.  Built for the way we work today, it adds flexibility for businesses with limited conference space.

Samsung Flip's portable, wheel-based stand transforms any location into a huddle room,
providing users a faster and smarter work environment.
Additionally, if no meticulous presentation is needed such as using MS PowerPoint, graphics, metrics and the like, you can also use Samsung Flip display like that of a white board.  You can write, scribble and doodle anything you want, erase mistakes instantly, re-write again and save your work after.  Isn’t it amazing?

Sharing of notes is made easier as well.  The Samsung Flip can seamlessly connect to a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, allowing users to import and export personally-stored content on the board in a split second.  Meeting participants can easily capture and download content and send them through email or a USB device, making handwritten minutes a thing of the past.  This will also complies with companies who are now operating on paperless transactions.

On top of these, the Samsung Flip safeguards valuable ideas flashed on the screen through a password-based protection system.  This function ensures that only approved users can access the information posted on the screen.

Samsung Flip display is reasonably priced at PHP 139,990 and the Ideal Digital Stand partner costs PHP 33,990 at selected Samsung stores.

For more information and updates on the Samsung Flip, check out Samsung’s Facebook page, or log on to

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