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Why getting a Trainer to workout with you is the Ultimate Fitspiration

The season of shorts and swimsuits is here, which is also the time you ask yourself if your body is even ready for the warm, beach season. We all have our own fitspiration dreams, but not all of us find it easy to make them come true. Maybe it’s time to get a pro to work with—and work out with—YOU! 

Everyone, personal trainers included, has fitness goals they want to achieve. Like the overweight clients on FYI’s Fit to Fat to Fit, working out with their personal trainer is doubly rewarding.

Here’s why:

You’re more motivated. You can celebrate each other’s little improvements and inspire one another to keep on going especially when you feel like hanging up your towel. You won’t feel so alone on a seemingly long process, because there’s someone else sharing in the efforts with you.

Before the training
After training

You can spot each other. You can take turns counting each other’s sit-ups or watch out for each other’s forms, because no one wants to accidentally pull a muscle.  It’s a lot more convenient to exercise alongside your coach because he or she can also show you how to use the different gym equipment properly.

You can track each other’s progress. You could tell each other which fitness goal you achieved for the week and help one another become accountable for your choices, like when you decide to spend an extra hour in bed instead of hitting the treadmill. You can even challenge each other to take your abilities to the next level so your progress won’t reach a plateau.

Before FYI figure
After FYI workout

You can try new workouts together. Going with a partner can boost your confidence to try different workouts – maybe a dance class or yoga – which you might not have considered before. Exploring a variety of exercises is both a fun and effective way to motivate yourselves.

You gain a teammate and confidante. More than just a workout buddy, you’ll also have someone who understands your fitness struggles. You can be on each other’s side when it comes to forming good eating habits or sticking to your sessions.

Getting fit together is the ultimate form of encouragement in a fitness journey. FYI’s Fit to Fat to Fit takes motivation to the next level as personal trainers pack on the pounds, and throw away their fit lifestyles, only for them to shed the weight alongside their overweight clients.  In the newest episodes of Season 2, the pairs are now on the last stretch of their weight loss journey, but with all the strain on their bodies, minds, and relationships, will the trainers get their fit bodies back? And will their clients finally lose the pounds and keep them off for good? Find out in Fit to Fat to Fit Season 2 every Saturday at 8PM.

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