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Rustan’s Supermarket elevates home dining with Le Cordon Bleu

Marketplace by Rustan’s and Rustan’s Supermarket continues to elevate dining experiences at home by bringing Le Cordon Bleu’s love for good food and fine living right here for all its discerning shoppers through the Le Cordon Bleu Premium Cutlery Set

Le Cordon Bleu Premium Cutlery Set in Rustan's

Shop and get the chance to add authentic Le Cordon Bleu cutlery in your kitchen by earning stickers from now until July 4 only

Le Cordon Bleu Premium Cutlery Set in Rustan's
Get the sticker card in-store or download Stick 'N Collect App
Le Cordon Bleu is the largest network of culinary and hospitality institutes with more than 35 schools in 20 different countries. A Le Cordon Bleu diploma is recognized internationally and is said to be the ticket to a rewarding culinary career.  Le Cordon Bleu has even expanded its services by putting up fine restaurants, producing instructional books and videos, and offering kitchenware through La Boutique which features top quality products selected by Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs. 

Featured in the series are the 4-Piece Dinner Set which is a great starter to your collection and includes a knife forged from hardened stainless steel, the 3-piece Children’s Set perfectly scaled for kids, the 4-piece Pastry Fork Set with three-pronged forks for separating cakes and pastries, and the 2-Piece Serving Set which is popular for dinner and salads.

Earn stickers faster when you purchase sponsor products such as Aquabliss, Feather Soft, Beach Hut, Fontauroi, Tiny Buds Baby Naturals, Palm Corned Beef, Snapmax, and Market Garden.

Grab your own sticker cards in-store or download the Stick ‘N Collect App on Google Play or the App Store to start collecting. 

Le Cordon Bleu Premium Cutlery Set in Rustan's
Featured in the series are the 4-Piece Dinner Set, 3-piece Children’s Set, 4-piece Pastry Fork Set,
and 2-Piece Serving Set.

Make dining at home even more spectacular by adding just the right touch of culinary authority. Head on over to Marketplace by Rustan’s and Rustan’s Supermarket and get your very own Le Cordon Bleu Premium Cutlery Set.  

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