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The Telus Way: Creating a healthy work environment for BPO employees

Given the health challenges that many BPO employees encounter due to the demands of the job – such as working graveyard shifts and dealing with stress – TELUS International Philippines provides team members with various facilities, benefits and perks geared towards keeping them healthy and fit.

True to its promise, here’s a list of the facilities available at all five TELUS International Philippines sites, as well as the benefits, sports and de-stressing activities for all the employees: 

1. Gym facilities

TELUS Araneta Gym

All five TELUS International Philippines sites have a fully equipped on-site gym which all team members can freely access. The gyms are also staffed with personal trainers and offer group classes. But aside from the usual group exercise classes, they also offer group sessions that mix exercise with elements of dance, mixed martial arts, meditation, etc.

2. Snooze boxes 

They also have snooze boxes around the offices so team members who need to work overtime or are stranded due to typhoons have a safe and comfortable place to rest. 

3. Game rooms

To provide team members with a means of distressing and bonding with fellow team members, TELUS International Philippines also created game rooms in all of their sites. Game rooms are equipped with fun gadgets and games like billiard tables, darts, air hockey, Xbox or Playstation consoles, and basketball arcade machines. 

4. On-site clinics

To safeguard team members’ welfare, all sites have their own clinics and nurses on-call 24/7. 

5. HMO

Team members also enjoy a comprehensive healthcare package for medical and dental checkups, and hospitalization. They can enroll their loved ones as dependents. Plus, they allow team members to enroll opposite sex or same sex domestic partners. 

6. Power ID

All team members need to do is present their TELUS International Philippines IDs to partner establishments (shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.) to enjoy exclusive discounts and freebies. Through the Power ID program, they can also get discounts for massage, yoga and crossfit sessions, or freebies and discounts for smoothies and salads in their favorite restaurants. 

7. Annual sports activities

Every year, TELUS International Philippines celebrates a company sports fest dubbed as the TELUS Healthy Living Cup to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage good sportsmanship among team members. This tournament is comprised of various games such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, darts, chess, cheer dancing, billiards, etc. TELUS International Philippines also participates in inter-company sports events like the BPO Olympics and BPO Classics. There’s also the TELUS International Philippines Family Day Fun Run, where team members, together with their family and friends, spend an entire day engaging in wellness activities in benefit of a chosen charity per year. 

8. Themed days.

Another way of providing team members a means of de-stressing and developing strong bonds with other team members is through regular themed days and celebrations. Last year, some of TELUS International Philippines’ themed celebrations included a video game day, Canada day, Chinese New Year and Halloween celebrations just to name a few.

9. Special interest groups 

TELUS International Philippines also creates avenues for like-minded team members to meet and engage in their personal passions. Some of TELUS International Philippines’ sports-related team member groups include the Outdoor, Biking, Basketball, Soccer, Darts, Dance, Chess, Billiards, and Mixed Martial Arts Clubs. 

With these perks, employees would have many options to reach work-life balance, and ensure a healthy lifestyle inside and outside of the office.

To know more about TELUS International Philippines, you can visit or go through its social media accounts, and

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