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PLDT Smart launches MVP Rewards 101 - One Rewards Card: Limitless Possibilities

Rewards programs are in fashion these days. Simply because consumers anticipate something that they can get in return of every expense, say huge discounts, points convertible to cash, priority and exclusivity in some purchases on sale, and a lot more.  In fact, Filipinos keep up to 11 rewards cards in their wallets or purses – to ensure that every purchases, whether groceries, pizza or coffee, counts.

However, the rewards programs being offered today award points that expire and provide a list of redemption partners.  How would you like to have a kind of a reward program packed with limitless possibilities?  Limitless in a sense that those points earned are with no expiration date, no redemption venues and one that offers more than just rewards.

Be glad, because here’s the new MVP Rewards 101 Card, your all-in-1 rewards wallet with limitless possibilities.

MVP Rewards 101 Card
With its limitless possibilities, you will always want to have the MVP Rewards in your wallet.

Pioneered by the PLDT Group, MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Rewards is an innovative program that allows PLDT Home, Smart, Sun and TNT customers to earn points that are good as cash just by paying for the basic necessities of modern day living – mobile and internet. Points earned from different accounts are credited into the MVP Rewards Card powered by PayMaya. With this, customers can choose how they want to enjoy their rewards without ever having to worry about expiration dates. And because points are good as cash, it can be used to shop or dine locally and abroad.

In photo during the launch are (L-R): Voyager Innovations VP and Managing Director Dindo Marzan, PLDT and Smart SVP & Head of Consumer Business Market Development Oscar A. Reyes, Jr., PLDT SVP and Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Jovy Hernandez, PLDT and Smart CRO Eric R. Alberto, PLDT and Smart Chairman & CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan, PLDT FVP and Group Head for Loyalty and Rewards Annette W. Tirol, PLDT SVP and Head of Consumer Business Customer Development Alex Caeg, and Paymaya Head of Business & Voyager Innovations VP for Growth Raymund Villanueva.

Be rewarded for paying your most important bills

Earn points for paying something essential and inevitable like your monthly bills. And not just points – points AS GOOD AS CASH. It’s a simple yet innovative approach that goes beyond rewarding consumers, and now, it’s a reality.

One wallet for all your points, the only card you need

You can skip your frappuccino for a week or choose not to order pizza for a month. But can you imagine not being able to use your phone or the internet for a single day? Your monthly internet and phone bills are essential and non-negotiable. 

Now, with MVP Rewards, if you’re a customer of PLDT Home, Smart or Sun postpaid, every time you pay IN FULL and ON TIME, you are immediately credited with points as GOOD AS CASH. Prepaid Smart, Sun and TNT customers, on the other hand, earn points every time they load up. 

The more accounts you enroll in this program, the more points you get AUTOMATICALLY since earned points from each service of each company are credited and consolidated into one wallet.

More than just rewards 

With the MVP Rewards program, you can shop or dine anywhere and at anytime you want, just like using a credit card or a debit card. That’s because the points you earn are as GOOD AS CASH and HAVE NO EXPIRATION DATE and the MVP card itself is powered by PayMaya

This allows it to function as a prepaid card, which makes it your safest choice for shopping, both online and offline. Unlike credit cards which rack up interest and debit cards which are connected to your salary or personal savings account, the MVP Rewards Card can help you manage your expenses by loading ONLY WHAT YOU’RE WILLING TO SPEND. So if you’re going out of the country and you want to keep your shopping habits in check, you can conveniently use the card by loading it and by swiping as a VISA card.

You can even use the card to pay your toll fees. The MVP card also has Paywave function which means it can be used as ‘tap card’ when paying for toll fees in Cavitex.

Members get automatic perks and discounts

Just by being a member, you get instant perks. 

For starters, customers enrolled in the program are automatically included in regular member-only raffle draws. Here you get a chance to win big rebates for your phone, cable, Internet, and utility bills!

Members also enjoy special discounts when they show their MVP card at various establishments nationwide including restaurants, fitness and wellness centers and retail outlets.

Get your personalized card delivered to your door for free

Qualified subscribers who sign up for the MVP Rewards Card on or before February 28, 2018 will get their very own sleek black personalized card delivered right to their doorsteps for FREE. 

MVP Rewards members can also earn more points as good as cash plus enjoy up to 15% savings if they subscribe to the PLDT Best Buy Bundle offer – product bundles that enable subscribers to mix and match the best unlimited Internet service from PLDT Home Fibr, fastest LTE from Smart, and Cignal HD TV.

Sign up for your own MVP Rewards Card and enroll your PLDT Home, Smart, Sun and TNT accounts at

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