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Explore alternative trading techniques with online society founder

As part of its commitment to educate more Filipinos on investing, pioneering stock brokerage house AB Capital Securities, Inc. (ABCSI) is inviting everyone to attend its special seminar on stock trading techniques. 

Resource speaker Jet Mojica, who specializes in quantitative research and process-based investing, will talk about “Best Practices for Retail Investors: An Overview of Trading based on First Principles.” 

Jet Mojica online society founder of BOH(Betting on Harmonics)

Mojica is better known as the founder of BOH Society, an online community of Filipino stock investors based locally and abroad which has now become a one-stop-source of trading strategies, independent market research, portfolio management and technical analysis training for avid retail investors.

As a former portfolio manager of a well-known investment house(BPI Asset Management and Trust Group, 2014), Mojica saw firsthand how portfolio managers and high net worth individuals had access to all they needed to succeed while ordinary retail investors did not enjoy the same kind of support. Thus, he founded BOH Society to level the playing field for all retail investors.

“The key to a successful stock trading experience is continuous learning. This is why AB Capital Securities is continuously offering opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge and become savvier in this field through the free seminars we hold regularly and through special lectures like this one by Mr. Mojica,” said Victor “Junvee” Vital, President and COO of ABCSI’s parent firm, AB Capital Investment Corporation.

With 17 consecutive years of full compliance with PSE and the Securities and Exchange Commission, AB Capital’s team of seasoned research analysts and traders ably guide clients in making the right decisions on where to place their hard-earned money. One of the pioneers in mobile app trading, ABCSI’s easy-to-use online trading platforms allow both experienced and new investors to access their trading accounts anytime, anywhere. 

For more details about Mojica’s talk and to learn more about stock investing and avail of free seminars, visit the ABCSI website at and Facebook page at @abcapitalgroup.

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