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The Philippine Fireworks Association(PFA) clarifies Pyrotechnics allowed, instead of firecrackers in any occasion

The Philippine Fireworks Association (PFA) appeals to leaders of the Local Government Units (LGUs) and the media to help disseminate the information (as per Executive Order No. 28 by President Duterte) about the regulation and control of the use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices.

Better safe than sorry! The Philippine Fireworks Association(PFA) clarifies that Pyrotechnics allowed, instead of firecrackers in any occasion.

Pandesal Forum November 2017
The Pandesal Forum Panel (l-r Mr. Wilson Lee Flores, Moderator; Mr. Jovenson Ong, President, Philippine Fireworks Association; and Mr. Jun Sevilla, Municipal Administrator of San Rafael, Bulacan)

The Association reiterates that only firecrackers (paputok) e.g. rebentador, sinturon ni hudas, goodbye Philippines, super lolo and many more plus the most dangerous piccolo are the ones being banned for use as these constitutes hazard and danger specially to children who are usually the victims of these paputok.  On the other hand, the pyrotechnics (pa-ilaw) is not restricted as this is the safer way and legal alternative to firecrackers (please see the provisions under EO28).

As the Association also encourages Filipino families to adhere to age-old traditions of welcoming the new year with a sparkly celebrations, they also promotes the safety by using pyrotechnics such as luces, fountains and sparklers which are sold by authorized dealers.  The most prominent and legally operating pyrotechnics manufacturer in the country is the Dragon Fireworks Company.  This company is ISO-certified and it has already represented the Philippines and won gold medals and other honors for the country in international competitions like those in Cannes, France, in Hanover, Germany and in the 2013 Berlin “Pyronale”.  The Dragon Fireworks Company has its head office in San Rafael, Bulacan.

The Association cautions the citizenry that as much as possible, not to buy to unauthorized dealers of paputok such as those who are selling piece-meal (tingi) as these did not pass the proper quality and product safety controls.  As such, may promote hazard to users like that of the illegally manufactured ones.  This is why the Association likewise appeals to LGUs and the media for their support to legally-operating domestic fireworks manufacturing industry which provides many livelihoods, generates taxes, supports the Philippine economy and has huge export potentials.

The Association wishes to thank President Duterte for his fairness towards the Philippine-made pyrotechnics and the fireworks industry, which is mainly but not only limited to Bulacan province.  This is the reason why Executive Order No. 28 is clear about allowing pyrotechnics and encourages people to shift from firecrackers to pyrotechnics.

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