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Gravity Announces New Web Browser Game, Ragnarok Journey, with Grand Party!

Gravity Co., Ltd., the gaming company behind the worldwide online game phenomenon, Ragnarok Online, is bringing Ragnarok Journey,  its web browser -version to the Philippines.

Kitamura Yoshinori, President and Chief executive officer of Gravity Co. Ltd. graced the event and
welcomed attendees to the Grand Party hosted by Betong Sumaya and Arianne Bautista

Ragnarok Journey Grand Party

Ragnarok Journey is an online browser massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that enables players to battle against colorful monsters, gain new abilities and participate in quests in a fantasy world. It’s a game everyone can play anytime, anywhere, without the need to download and install a client.

Ragnarok Journey the Casual Game Aimed toward casual gamers, Ragnarok has been re-imagined in an all new convenient AI-assisted adventure style which makes grinding and leveling up easier. Battle monsters throughout the world of Rune Midgard and use characters skills to traverse through new dungeons and zones.

Ragnarok Journey offers a completely unique playing experience. Some of the awesome features include choosing a specialized class—such as Mage or Swordsman at level 10, characters accumulating new abilities by manually adding skill points, and unleash devastating attacks on a menagerie of colorful fantasy monsters, the same model used in the classic Ragnarok Online, and undertaking quests from NPCs and enjoy daily rewards,  just like the great MMORPGs.

The Journey Grand Party 

To celebrate this momentous announcement, Gravity held a Grand Party for fans and gamers at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center in Ayala, Makati City.

None other than Kitamura Yoshinori, President and Chief executive officer of Gravity Co. Ltd. graced the event and welcomed attendees to the Grand Party.  “We are excited to bring you ROJ within the end of the year, this game brings you back to the nostalgic memories of the original Ragnarok on a web browser. Followed by Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Journey is the first title to be serviced by Gravity Group,” Kitamura said.

Liliana Bae, Business Division / Global Business Group Supervisor  for Gravity Co., who helped
launch Ragnarok in 2003,  was pleasantly surprised that a lot of Filipino gamers still remembered and played Ragnarok Online (RO). Bae has talked with RO players from different walks of life and they all remember the game with fondness and great memories. “Ragnarok Journey will allow them to continue adventuring in the fantastical world of Midgard, fight familiar mobs and monsters, meet new and old friends easily.”

Bae added that Journey complements new and current gaming lifestyles. “Ragnarok Journey is not there to compete with other existing online games. We want to provide a wider choice of games for our players to enjoy. We’re providing our players assistance so they can rest without interrupting the game,” Bae added.

Casual and hardcore gamers alike, enthusiasts, and long-time Ragnarok fans, from different parts of the country gathered together to attend this highly anticipated event. Attendees participated in the various programs and won awesome freebies and exclusive Ragnarok Journey premium items.

Mall shoppers and fans of the game were already forming a line early in the morning, eager to join the new adventure ahead. The program, hosted by popular TV hosts and GMA talents Betong Sumaya and Arianne Bautista, began with a bang and a round of prizes!

Gravity went all out and invited the some of the best local bands to entertain and celebrate the event. Popular Filipino Synco-pop/alternative rock band Gracenote warmed up the crowd with a long set of songs and a showcase of vocalist Eunice Jorge’s multi-instrument talent.

Gravity also held a cosplay contest and it was a sight to behold. Dozens of cosplayers became competitive with their characters and props.

The grand party for Ragnarok Journey was nothing short of spectacular as the performances came one after another and the prizes just kept flowing until the end of the program. Fans and gamers were also treated to collectibles after visiting all the booths inside the area. One lucky kid won a motorcycle as the big-ticket raffle prize as well.

The Ragnarok Journey Grand Party was closed by alternative and pop music band 6cyclemind with an energetic set of their most popular songs.

For more details and updates on the game, visit the Ragnarok Journey - Philippines page at

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