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Cobena - The future of big data in the Philippines

Cobena, is synonymous to big data. Cobena is Big Data Analyst company in PH, that offers the tools, means, and right to counsel where the result is from the information gathered from official sources and experts in the field.

Data is the new oil. In the world ran by internet of things, big data will be the new career to look forward to as it requires people to analyze, dissect and get patterns if required so these gathered information will have meaning and help the business.

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Founded April last year, Cobena since then operated with various companies and institutions helping them analyze big data and providing colorful results. Cobena and its founders believe that Philippines remain among the fastest growing Asian economies today. And through harnessing the power of Big Data Analytics will help keep that momentum. This drives Cobena to compete and expand their presence in the country and to the world.

Cobena Group

Cobena envisions that Philippines will have its own data science industry. And PH, according to Cobena CEO Francis del Val, is the perfect fertile ground for Data Scientists. This country has a great potential in big data analytics industry.

Now is the time for enterprises and government to be embrace Big Data Analytics. We offer our partners with interpretative, predictive, and actionable analytics to help them take that right steps in growing their businesses and in turn contribute  the country's positive economic performance.
Our method of interpreting data into powerful insights starts with asking the right questions and articulating clearly the problem or opportunity that needs to be addressed. From the insights we gather, we then collaborate with our clients and help the, come up with innovative solutions that will help them transform their business
- Francis del Val, Cobena President and CEO

Cobena also unveiled Gateway, an intelligent software system. It's a Cobena-proprietary flagship service, that leverages on location. Gateway helps determine potential growth area and filter it based from regions, provinces up to municipalities and barangays. It also help unlock the trends that affect the performance of the business and the economy in the country.
We are proud to offer Gateway and our other services for the best interest of our partners, may they be private or public institutions. Big Data Analytics is  a key tool in making smarter business decisions, engaging stockholders, and formulating and executing policies that all Filipinos can benefit from, with the potential to significantly contribute to the growth of the Philippine economy
- del Val

Aside from Gateway, Cobena also has other analytics -driven products like Dashboard Development, Digital Audit & Analytics, Business Analytics Toolbox and PicNPin while offering services in Data Science Training, Management Consulting and Strategy & Innovation Workshop. 

Cobena highly believes that businesses should start embracing the age of Big Data to spur inclusive economic growth in the country and they can help in making a difference.

Neil Llamanzares, Sen. Grace Poe's husband
Mr. Neil Llamanzares. Not a CIA

More info about Cobena and its services can be found at

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