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BPI-Philam teaches importance of Financial Planning through a game of PRAXIS

Have you ever wondered what your life will be in the next 10-20 years? Will you still be in your regular day job? Will you already be retired and just spending your days on vacation abroad. Hopefully you'll live life to the fullest w/o getting struck with sickness or accident.

With BPI-PHILAM, we compressed time and see how bright our future will be with PRAXIS - an intense game that tests your ability to make your money last you a lifetime.

Bloggers were invited to join us for an intimate game day as they go head to head to see who emerges as the champion. This time, there's a catch - it's not simply how well you manage your money, but how healthy you stay throughout your game as well.

Through the game of PRAXIS we were taught how to handle our financial through savings, insurance and investments, as you'll never know what will happen down the road. Whether you have a stable job or just landed a promotion, you can't tell what will happen to us tomorrow.

Empowering Filipinos to live longer, healthier, and better lives through strong partnerships was the goal BPI-Philam underlined in their second annual Bancassurance month celebration.

Bancassurance month was spearheaded last year in October by the joint-venture company of BPI and Philam Life. What started as an initiative to better educate Filipinos about financial wellness continues as an advocacy they hold on to this year.

With the current theme of "Stronger Together," BPI-Philam champions winning partnerships committed to help both their clients and employees live quality lives through accessible, personalized insurance.

In upholding their company vision, BPI-Philam also launches back-to-back a suite of Vitality-charged products for every Filipino and a new convenient avenue for client servicing.

Vitalized: BPI-Philam's Wellness Series

BPI-Philam launches the Wellness Series --a suite of four of their products newly-integrated with Philam Vitality.

"Today, we charge up every Filipino's pursuit of better living with total wellness--health and wealth secured through personalized solutions that give better value for money," said Surendra Menon, CEO of BPI-Philam.

Included in the series are BPI-Philam products: Life Ready Plus, Critical Care Plus, Critical Care Max, and Build Estate Plus--policies personalized for specific needs Filipinos in different Key moments have.

During the game of PRAXIS we learned that these insurance policies your health and welfare will be covered during the time of crisis or sickness. Thus your hard-earned money and your saving will not just be there to pay your hospital bills.

The products included in the Wellness Series provide Filipinos with affordable solutions that provide ease of mind while securing their health, protecting their future, and building their wealth.

Now, through the Philam Vitality wellness program policy holders of any of the products are encouraged to stay active and live healthy through exclusive discounts and rewards.

"This is great for people who are starting to understand the importance of life insurance," said Menon.

"Anyone looking to get and secure quality health so they can continue to provide for their families is sure to find a product that fits their needs."

Better access for future protection

To highlight the month-long festivities, BPI-Philam also launched their first-in-the-country Customer Service Center in Makati.

"On this year's celebration, we continue to run toward our mission of making insurance easy to get and have for every Filipino," said Menon. "Now we see this mission taking form as we inaugurate our very first Customer Service Center, Vibe."

Situated in their Ayala headquarters, Vibe stands as BPI-Philam's vibrant and fully functional center dedicated to quality client servicing.

The state-of-the-art facility boasts an intuitive design, keeping in mind the ease of the customer's journey. It holds a kiosk for self-servicing and also employs a brand ambassador who can extend help to both clients and visitors who might not be sure on where or how to start.

Comfortable seats generously occupy the area while bright, captivating colors are featured prominently in the center making the insurance process a convenient and fun experience.

"We believe living better starts when you have easy access to dependable, quality service," said Menon. "And for us, the crux of this service is the safekeeping of our clients and what matters most to them--living life boldly together with their loved ones."

BPI-Philam hopes to strengthen itself further as a partner Filipinos can depend on in every moment they aim to win in.

Life will regularly bring circumstances we are not prepared for, but as we gear up to become a more committed, stronger co-laborer in health and wealth for Filipinos, we are confident that together winning every moment becomes a vibrant reality

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