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Samsung creates cinematic experiences with its latest soundbars

Do you dream of having your own home theater?  Would you like it to be as minimal as possible so as not to disrupt the interior of your home and still enjoy your cinema-feel viewing? Catch the latest Samsung soundbar in the market today!

The perspective of Samsung Soundbar in Black
Well, it’s a scene that a lot of us crave: settling in at home with your loved ones, with the lights off, and your favorite film playing on screen. The movie starts and you find yourself being drawn in by the excellent musical scoring as you root for your favorite hero to overcome all his obstacles.

Samsung’s goal has always been to give you the ultimate viewing experience, and its latest line of soundbars represents its efforts in achieving this vision.
The Perspective of Samsung Soundbar in Silver
Embodying the next generation home theater experience, the Samsung Soundbar with Dolby Atmos technology is equipped with a 5.1.4 channel system with a total of 15 built-in speakers, each having its own amplifiers. Powered by this, the device creates an immersive experience from all directions. It’s the first-of-its-kind to include two Dolby Atmos-enabled up-firing speakers in the soundbar and two wireless rear upfiring speakers. This allows any viewer to have the utmost sound clarity and detail, from the smallest drop of water to the faintest of knock on the door, imitating how you would hear them in real-life.

It also utilizes Surround Sound Expansion Plus to upmix any content to Dolby Atmos. With its 4K pass-through, it seamlessly plays 4K content to match cinematic quality sound with 4K picture quality. The wide-range tweeters ensure a wider sound coverage, giving justice to the cinematography of any film you choose to enjoy with your TV. More than that, it has 6 sound modes: Standard, Music, Movie, Clear Voice, Sports, and Night Mode, perfect for any entertainment of your choice.

Samsung also recently launched its Soundbar Sound+, the first and only one of its kind to embed the subwoofer directly into its slim, compact body. The HW-MS751 has a total of 11 built-in speakers, each with dedicated amplifiers, including 3 wide-range tweeters, 6 subwoofers, and 2 upfiring speakers. This makes the Soundbar Sound+ a complete all-in-one model with its combination of price, design and audio performance.

Bass can either make or break the sound. The Soundbar Sound+ has a number of features to deliver the right level of bass that makes listeners feel every beat: long-excursion technology to increase the depth of the speaker movement; multi-speaker control technology to allow simultaneous movement of the multi-array speakers; and distortion cancelling technology to eliminate low frequency noise. Together, these advancements envelope your room with smooth and rich bass. 

With consumer’s convenience in mind, the Samsung Soundbars go beyond raising the bar of home entertainment. It also champions wireless connectivity so that it seamlessly blends with your living space. You can easily pair the soundbar to your TV and smartphone without the clutter of cables. 

Sound quality, powerful bass, and wireless connectivity—it’s no surprise that Samsung is topping the global sales of soundbars.

Know more about how to get a more immersive entertainment experience right at your home. Visit Samsung Electronics Philippines’ official Facebook page or for more details.

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