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PLDT takes enterprise connectivity to next level the with FibrBiz Evolution

PLDT continues to redefine the enterprise experience with the introduction of its new FibrBiz Evolution plans that delivers unparalleled connectivity and networking capabilities. 

Taking off from PLDT’s partnership with US-based global IT company Cisco, the new FibrBiz Evolution leverages on Meraki, Cisco’s leading line of cloud-managed IT solutions that include wifi, routing and security. With Meraki’s cloud management capabilities, small, medium and large enterprises will enjoy faster and more secure access for users, simplified administration and management of their wifi network, and richer network visibility from all connected devices. 

The combination of PLDT’s unparalleled connectivity and Cisco Meraki’s world-class network management capabilities enable enterprises to enhance productivity through the smart distribution of wifi resources. It is a perfect fit for industries and businesses, particularly those that need to rapidly expand, and SMEs with limited IT staff.

PLDT’s FibrBIz Evolution Plans are available in a range of speeds starting from 10mbps, fitting varied business requirements. The plan includes a Cisco Meraki router that will ensure simple, secure, and cost-effective business internet for enterprises.

“While enterprises may have purposes for their network, one common and integral requirement is having reliable, secure, and cost-efficient connectivity,” said PLDT VP and Head of Core Business Solutions Jojo Gendrano. “With our new FibrBiz Evolution plans supported by Cisco Meraki, enterprises not only enhance their own operations but elevate their own customer’s service experience.”

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