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PLDT launches ‘Smart City’ program for LGUs, #READY is the first initiative

Leading telecoms and digital services provider PLDT has launched a new program to provide local governments and communities with innovative digital platforms and services to improve public services, advance people’s welfare, and accelerate local economic and social development.

Through PLDT Enterprise, the first initiative under PLDT’s Smart City program is #READY which provides LGUs digital communications and information management solutions that enable them to manage public safety, emergency and disaster situations more effectively.

The #READY initiative falls under Public Safety – the first main pillar of our Smart City campaign we are undertaking.   The other three major pillars are economic growth, citizen welfare, and digital infrastructure.  These initiatives will equip our LGUs with the digital tools to build a connected, resilient, and sustainable community and move towards becoming a future-ready Smart City
- PLDT Chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan.

Under #READY, PLDT is working with the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) to help LGUs better perform their roles as first responders and front liners during emergencies and disasters with the aid of digital solutions.

“Communication is essential in our operations, from disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. Thanks to advancements in technology, we are able to better prepare for these incidents and effectively disseminate warnings to mitigate the impact of natural disasters, damages, and casualties,” said NDRRMC Undersecretary Ricardo Jalad.

An example of a solution to enhance public safety is PLDT Enterprise’s SOS Dispatch which provides LGUs with ruggedized mobile communication units and automated SMS broadcast service as a basic package.

This service can be expanded to include data center services, 911 hotlines, Smart SMS broadcast service, a full CRM command center, website development, dedicated fiber connectivity, and satellite phones.

“The safety of its citizens is the first concern of any Smart City. PLDT’s #READY gives our local governments the tools to ensure their constituents’ safety during times of calamity and emergency, aid efforts in minimizing loss of lives and damage to properties, and speed up recovery and rehabilitation,” said PLDT Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President Eric R. Alberto.

The Smart program also lays out digital solutions that help in the economic growth of cities and local municipalities through job creation, promotion of local businesses, and encouraging investors within their locality.

Digital technology platforms like an online marketplace, payment solutions, optimized websites, and micro-lending financial solutions empower businesses and promote local entrepreneurship.

“PLDT Enterprise has long been the ICT partner for leading businesses organizations that help propel the country’s economic development. This initiative intends to create a roadmap for LGUs of all sizes to become smart cities and excel in public service. In addition to enabling readiness and preparedness, our commitment in this sector is evident in the products and services we’ve been rolling out that will significantly add value in whatever stage a business is in,” said Senior Vice President and Head of PLDT & Smart Enterprise Groups, Juan Victor I. Hernandez.

Under its Citizen welfare pillar, the Smart City program aims to promote transparency and efficiency in the interactions between government and their constituents through digital solutions such as the Citizen app and automating delivery and payment processes for government services to help improve their lives like the PayMaya payment platforms.

All these solutions are delivered and powered by PLDT Enterprise through reliable fixed and wireless digital networks that connect government and citizens.

“These technological advancements that we are advocating have all been possible through PLDT’s investments in building a future-ready network which we hope will help catapult the country to a truly Smart Nation,” said PLDT FVP and Head of PLDT SME Nation Mitch Locsin

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