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Microsoft Kaizala App now in PH, Securely Communicate and Collaborate to people in /outside the organization

To fill in the gaps in office collaboration and communication Microsoft PH officially launched Microsoft Kaizala — a mobile app and service for communicating and coordinating work in large, distributed groups in the Philippines. Kaizala is a Microsoft app that allows you to securely Communicate, Send Feedback, Create and Manage Tasks and Chat within and outside your organization 

For many Philippine businesses, managing staff in the field presents several unique challenges. From having to capture operational data from remote staff to ensuring that things are running as they should, current management and communication tools can be slow and cumbersome to use. More importantly, not everyone in the field has access to a PC and even those who do could only respond when they were logged into the system. For these organizations, a convenient, secure, and mobile tool for a remote work management environment is required.

COO/CMO Christian Lim, Microsoft India Corporate Vice President Rajiv Kumar, and Microsoft Philippines Managing Director Bertrand Launay during the Microsoft Kaizala launch question and answer. 

The challenges for task-based workers

There are hundreds of thousands of front-line workers in the Philippines working in banks, services, manufacturing plants, department stores, and other industries. Their insights in their first-hand dealings with the customers are important to the company but they typically don’t have a dedicated work space or computer. Department store staff, bank tellers and promodisers generally use pen and paper or their personal phones for work-related communications. 

This makes it more difficult to communicate with their managers or report to the headquarters regarding task-related concerns. Consumer messaging apps offer a band-aid solution but often lack security and control while creating a custom app can get expensive. For management, assigning and tracking tasks is cumbersome, and aggregating data analytics can be time consuming. 

But Microsoft Kaizala makes this all easier.

Microsoft Kaizala — a mobile app and service for communicating and coordinating work in large, distributed groups. Now available in the Philippines, Kaizala makes it easy to connect with large groups of people inside and outside your organization. These can include employees, customers, and suppliers. It enables organizations to manage work with their extended teams through a single, unified platform — all on their mobile phone. Yes, no need to give procure add'l computers or laptops or wait for them to have your organization's employee number. 

Security Organizations can trust

How secure is Microsofy Kaizala? Security remains a top priority for most organizations, and Microsoft Kaizala provides the controlled access and data security that they need. Azure Active Directory services authentication ensures secure access to the Kaizala Management Portal, where IT administrators can control membership of all groups, remove users in one instance, and control user access to sensitive data. Microsoft Kaizala maintains user privacy and stores data in Azure datacenters that adhere to industry standards for security and compliance.

Connect with your entire value chain

Many front-line workers don’t have their own company email address or access to internal tools, which makes it hard for managers to share and collect important information. Microsoft Kaizala enables managers to easily reach very large numbers of users within and outside their organization, using a simple and intuitive chat interface. Organizations can broadcast information – such as announcements, photos, videos, or documents, collect data from the field through polls or surveys, and see real-time analytics as results come in. Users can be quickly onboarded by using just their phone number as a unique ID, addressing one of the usual pain point of an organization in the Philippines.

Bertrand Launay, Microsoft Philippines Managing Director present at the Kaizala Launch
Bertrand Launay, Microsoft Philippines Managing Director
Most businesses work with several partners, distributors, and stakeholders who are not on the company’s email address list, so communication can be slow and unsecure. With Microsoft Kaizala, they can better connect and coordinate with the entire team. As internet usage increases, we believe it will be easier for organizations to communicate with all their stakeholders, wherever they are in the Philippines
- Bertrand Launay, Microsoft Philippines Managing Director.

Collaborate and manage work efficiently

Microsoft Kaizala makes it easy to coordinate work with a company’s entire value chain – field employees, vendors, partners – with a simple work assignment workflow and real-time status tracking—right within the app. Companies can assign and track frequently-used tasks with built-in actions for common work scenarios, such as assigning jobs and tracking completion status, sharing and requesting location, submitting bills, and tracking expenses. 

Microsoft Kaizala makes it simple for organizations to seamlessly communicate, collaborate and complete tasks, bringing together desktop users and mobile-only users who may be within or outside their organizations. 

Rajiv Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Office Product at the Kaizala Launch
“Using Microsoft Kaizala, organizations can connect with their employees and the extended value chain. The product offers a simple and familiar chat interface and goes beyond to make everyone more productive using Surveys, Polls, Jobs, Meetings and other actions, right in your chats. As we launch Microsoft Kaizala in the Philippines, we hope to help connect the unconnected parts of organizations – whether they are in large and small enterprises or in the Government. Microsoft Kaizala’s vision is to empower every organization and community to achieve more through purposeful chat”, Rajiv Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Office Product

Get more with Kaizala Pro

Unlock the full potential of Kaizala by getting the Pro version. Alongside the unveiling of the app, Microsoft Philippines also announced the launch of its enterprise version, Microsoft Kaizala Pro that allows organizations to have full administrative control of their groups. 

Microsoft Kaizala Pro has additional features that include:
  • user and group management
  • system integration and automation using Microsoft Kaizala API
  • advanced reporting and analytics
  • ability to publish custom actions
  • ability to create public groups
  • organizational profile and directory

Quick Comparison - Kaizala App(free) vs. Kaizala Pro

Kaizala App(free) vs. Kaizala Pro

“For management, the reviewing process becomes a lot easier online. What used to take 7-10 days to compile is now happening on a real-time basis. They are able to get information in real-time, and can also give feedback to the team in the field an in turn, can increase productivity or allow them to give better solutions to their customers,” added Launay. 

Truly the Microsoft Kaizala app is another way filling the gaps that will help different organizations to focus on fulfilling their company's mission and vision. Kaizala is not just another messaging tool, it's a new way to communicate and colloborate securely without worrying about sensitive information going to the wrong hands.

Wanna experience yourslef how secure yet easy to use the MS Kaizala app? Download and start  Microsoft Kaizala now in the Philippines as a standalone app for iOS and Android phones. Learn more at

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