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ENCASH, Inc.: Providing ATM Security for Rural Communities

ENCASH or Electronic Network Cash Tellers, INC. provides atm security to rural areas to protect them against fraud activities related to the use of ATMs.

In the Philippines, most automated teller machines (ATM) only service universal and commercial banks in the country’s major cities. Because of this, people in the more remote areas have to travel for hours just to gain access to the nearest ATM. This painstaking process is not just inconvenient. It can also be dangerous, as issues like ATM skimming are prevalent not just in Metro Manila, but all across the country.

Encash PH

To address cases like this, Electronic Network Cash Tellers, Inc. (ENCASH) has made it their mission to provide solutions for the financial concerns of underserved local communities.

ENCASH has thus made itself a pioneer in upholding the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) standard for rural banks. As the global standard for credit, debit, and prepaid card payments, EMV utilizes chip card technology, which is proven to be safer than traditional magnetic stripe payment cards.

ENCASH is also the first non-banking institution to offer ATM services in Nueva Ecija. The GM Bank of Luzon, based in Cabanatuan, is one of their pioneer clients. As testament to the company’s dedication to its mission, customers of the bank’s other branches, such as those in Malasiqui, have praised ENCASH for their efforts. Prior to ENCASH’s intervention, residents of the municipality had to travel an hour to access the nearest ATM. Now, even during emergencies, clients feel confident knowing that they can withdraw money anytime.

Based in Manila, ENCASH is the country’s first independent deployer of ATMs and ATM process outsourcing to Philippine banks and financial institutions. Across the years, the company has provided machines to smaller thrift, cooperative, and rural banks, giving them increased distribution capability similar to that of bigger banks, but with limited capital outlay. At affordable investment rates, smaller banks can now offer more services to their respective communities via an ATM.

ENCASH and its partners generate fee revenue every time a customer transacts using their machines. Their services also help local banks increase client traffic, acquire new customers, and enhance their brands.

Starting with only five machines back in 2007, ENCASH has deployed 300 working ATMs in over 150 partner institutions all over the country. The company envisions itself to be the premier ATM network and banking solutions service provider in the Philippine countryside and the global financial services industry.

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