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How Microsoft use technology to Empower Students with Special Needs, launches special video

Microsoft showed us how they use the modern-aged technology in helping the ones in need specially the ones who want to but hindered either. It launches a video that shows an example of how technology can empower students with special needs. Technically speaking they aren't but most doors weren't opened to them before. Now it's possible and being implemented

To date there are over 25.4 Million K-12 learners in the Philippines. There are few hundreds of schools that already makes use of technology as part of their curriculum. Not just for computer subjects, but more of the main tool to reach online courses, research etc. In the recent Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation done across 13 markets, 87% agreed to transform to digital business to enable future growth while, 76% agreed to new data insights can lead to new revenue streams.

Microsoft's goal to provide an immersive and inclusive learning experience to the kids and students that require special tool for learning. We love hearing stories how gadgets, apps, and website help reach and empower people but to actually see how they are being used in real-life is heartwarming and can give you goose bumps. Like for example, this Student from the Philippines named Crystal, who was diagnosed with ROP, Retinopathy of prematurity. It is the abnormal blood vessel development in the retina of the eye which occurs in infants that are born too premature

[Video] Microsoft takes advantage of technology to empower students with Special Needs

Despite being diagnosed as visually impaired due to ROP, Crystal can now be part of her class and even code with Python and HTML. This is how technology makes every person, including those with special learning needs, achieve more.

We at Microsoft create technology that recognizes the diversity in learning and we have created tools that empower all students
Bertrand Launay, Managing Director,Microsoft Philippines 

The video launch today is ONE example of the many Microsoft learning tools created for learners with special needs. As evident in our programs and accessibility features that are present in all our software solutions, we remain steadfast in being the technology behind quality and inclusive education for all 

Some of the Microsoft products showcased the Accessibility feature were Microsoft Word, Skype, and even One Note. To most these are just the regular processing tools that we use for work. One interesting note during the talk that digital transformation ofeducation is like the game Minecraft, where you create and share. Microsoft PH works closely with DepEd to make this happen in larger scale empowering both the students in your usual schools and schools for the ones with special needs

These help produce potential students from the program who turned out to be trainers as well and pay it forward. There are different occasions that students who are visually impaired who became trainers of the non blind in the latter. If you did watch the video, it also shows how visually impaired trainers teach other students. This only proves that assistive technology  can transform a classroom to be 100% inclusive.

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