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Upgrade your Mobile photography skills with the launch of Asus Zenfone4 Series

Asus Philippines finally revealed, August 19 2017, the new Zenfone4 Series at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay, dubbed the Zenfone 4 City.

The New Line of Zenfone Series comes to us with 5 models under its belt. With the introduction of Zenfon Pro, Zenfone 4, Zenfone4 Selfie, Zenfone4 Selfie Pro and Zenfone Max; Asus raised the bar when it comes to mobile Photography.

Here are some details about each of the phones to give you an idea how awesome the new Asus Zenfone 4 Series are.


ZENFONE 4 PRO – is the top of the line flagship model. Available at 39,995.00, this bad boy comes with the following technologies:

The Camera sports 2 rear Cameras and a Front Camera

The first rear and main camera is a 25mm 12 megapixel main camera with the following technologies:

  • A wide F1.7 aperture that allows more light into the sensor
  • Large 1/2.55” format sensor
  • Large 1.4μm pixels which give the sensor superior light sensitivity
  • Wide aperture and large pixels work together to achieve 8X brighter photos 1 in low light compared to other smartphone cameras.
  • 4-axis OIS that allows up shutter speeds up to 4 stops slower
  • Fast Dual Pixel autofocus system that achieves focus in a mere 0.03 seconds
  • A SuperPixel Engine image processor that intelligently increases light sensitivity and removes photographic “noise” after the shot.

The Second Rear Camera is a Sony IMX351, 2X optical zoom (50mm), 16 megapixel camera for ultra-clear photos of distant subjects

The Front camera on the other hand is a Sony IMX319 camera that is one of the world’s best front facing cameras with the following technologies.

  • Largest 1.4μm pixels for a front-facing camera which give the sensor superior light sensitivity
  • Super-fast Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) – a rare feature for a front camera
  • Shares the SuperPixel Engine image processor with the main rear camera

The Zenfone4 Pro Processor comes to you with the latest top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC processor that has been paired with a massive 6GB of RAM / 128GB ROM(expandable up to 2 TB).

With the top of the line photographic and processing capability of the ZenFone 4, the Audio technology is no exception. Sporting a supremely loud 5-magnet dual speakers, a three-mic system (with one dedicated for noise cancelling), Hi-Res audio support and the industry’s best virtual surround system: DTS Headphone X:7.1.

The Zenfone 4 pro also comes in black and white color with a bright, 500 nits, Full-HD AMOLED display with the entire package being wrapped in an exqusitely slim, Corning Gorilla Glass-wrapped unibody with a rounded aluminum alloy edge. The body also houses a unique anti-spoofing IR fingerprint sensor that requires the user’s live fingerprint to rapidly unlock the phone in 0.3 seconds.

The Zenfone 4 pro sports 3600mAh non removable battery can last Up to 14days 4G standby, Up to 24hrs 3G talk time and Up to 17hrs Wi-Fi web browsing.


Zenfone 4 comes with to you at 28,995.00. The Zenfone 4 also sports a dual rear camera and the following specifations.

  • First rear camera–an industry leading Sony IMX362, 12 megapixel main camera with the following technologies:
  • A wide F1.8 aperture that allows more light into the sensor
  • Large 1/2.55” format  sensor
  • Large 1.4µm pixels which give the sensor superior light sensitivity
  • Wide aperture and large pixels work together to achieve 5X brighter photos   in low light compared to other smartphone cameras.
  • Fast Dual Pixel autofocus system that achieves focus in a mere 0.03 seconds
  • Second rear camera - a flexible,120-degree field of view 8 megapixel, F2.2 camera with a 200% wider view that is ideal for capturing wide landscapes, large subjects or for shooting in confined spaces.
  • Front camera – the ZenFone 4 also has a higher-than-normal resolution, 8 megapixel front camera for sharp and clear selfies.

The ZenFone 4 uses Qualcomm’s latest SnapDragon660 SoCprocessor and its accompanying Adreno 512 graphics engine with 6GB RAM / 4GB ROM(expandable up to 2 TB).

The ZenFone 4 features a beautiful glass front and back construction sandwiching a finely sandblasted, rounded metal edge. Look at it from the side: it is the very first ASUS smartphone to have a totally flat, beautiful “bumpless” design where the cameras do not protrude out from beneath the protective Corning Gorilla Glass surface. The Display is a 5.5 inch full HD with a 2.1MM slim Bezel and comes in 3 colors namely Moonlight White, Midnight Black and Mint Green.

Powerful dual speakers – Go on, play your favorite rock song on the ZenFone 4 at its maximum volume and be surprised by its unbelievably clear, loud, yet distortion free sound with a rich bass to boot. Dual speakers allow for more natural, separate left and right audio channels. The speakers are powered by a compact “smart amplifier” from mobile device audio experts NXP. This NXP smart amp not only drives the speakers at high volumes while suppressing distortion, but also ensures they are not damaged over the course of time.

Hi-Res Audio output – The ZenFone 4 is Hi-Res Audio (HRA) certified. HRA offers ultra-clear, detailed audio with superior sound staging and fidelity to the original recording, and overall quality that is 4x CD quality. To achieve HRA certification, audio players like the ZenFone 4 must be powerful enough to read, process and play the high bandwidth data of high resolution audio files rated at 24-bit/96kHz or 24-bit/192kH; and paired with Hi-Res Audio certified output devices. To test the Hi-Res Audio output of the ZenFone 4, please ensure you have the following:

Hi-Res Audio files (free Hi-Res Audio files can be downloaded from this site:
A Hi-Res Audio certified output device – look for the Hi-Res Audio logo on them. 

The Zenfone 4 comes with ASUS AudioWizard that optimizes and enhances the audio capability of the ZenFone 4 with easy-to-use equalizers and audio profiles to match the equipment being used so as to achieve the best quality playback possible.

The Battery of the the Zenfone 4 is also great at 3300mAh non removable battery with Up to 23days 4G standby, Up to 30hrs 3G talk time, and Up to 18hrs Wi-Fi web browsing.

ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro

Crazy About Selfies? The ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro is your perfect match. It has two front-facing cameras with – each with its own special lens, so you get the best looking selfies in any situation, alone or with friends.
These include the world’s most advanced main front camera with an extremely high 24 megapixel resolution, large pixels for ultra-high light sensitivity that produces sharp, bright and clear low light photos, and the ability to shoot 4K UHD videos.

This is paired with a 120-degree wide angle second front camera that is ideal for large group self-portrait photos as well as selfies against vast landscapes.

Like otherZenFone 4 models, the ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro has two cameras.This is similar to how professional photographers use separate fixed focal length lenses with their DSLR cameras for the best possible quality, and to allow them to compose photos with different perspectives.
The big difference of the ZenFone 4Selfie Pro is that its cameras face the front,so that it can shoot perfect self or group portrait photos(wefies).
In Addition to the two front-facing selfie cameras, the ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro also has a highly-capable rear-facing camera.

The rear camera has a class leading 16-megapixel resolution; provides extremely fast autofocusing in a mere 0.03 seconds with its phase detection autofocus (PDAF) system, has electronically stabilized Full HD (1920 x 1080) or full resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) video recording, and can event shoot professional RAW files.

The ZenFone4Selfie Pro features a beautifully slim, aluminum alloy unibodythat was created by an advanced manufacturing process known as Nano Molding Technology (NMT). Its display is covered by tough Gorilla Glass which is then contoured at the edges.The metal unibody also features a beautiful, diamond-cut chamfer and engraved detailing around the rear camera lens that shimmers with a radiant luster when viewed from different angles.Although the ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro has dual front cameras, it is only 6.85mm thick and weighs only 175 grams. Colors available are Rogue Red , Sunlight gold and Deepsea black.
The ZenFone4Selfie Pro contains Hi-Res Audio 192kHz/24-bit support (4 X CD quality) , DTSHeadPhoneX: 7.1Virtual surround and New 5 Magnet Structure Speaker for louder sound and less distortion.

The ZenFone4Selfie Pro comes to us with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625Octa-core SoC (8x ARM Cortex A53) with   4GB RAM/ 64GB ROM(expandable up to 2 TB) enough for our hi def Selfies and wefies.
The price for this beauty is 18,995.00.

ZenFone 4 Selfie

If you're finding the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro a little over your budget no need to fret as Asus also offers Zenfone 4 Selfie. This phone has the same functionality like the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro and is running  on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430Octa-core up to 1.4 GHz under its hood. Just like the Zenfone 4 Selfie pro, the Zenfone Selfie also have 2 front facing cameras,  the Front Main Camera has 20 MP with F2.0 Aperture while the second Camera is a Wide-angle: 8MP 120-degree 200% FOV. The rear camera is 16MP.
the Design body is 2.5D contoured glass display with metallic-finish unibody with available colors of Rose Pink, Mint Green, Sunlight Gold, DeepseaBlack. the Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie is available at a very low price of 13,995. See below the full Specs of the Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie

CPU: Octa-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor
Memory Storage: 4GB RAM/ 64GB ROM(expandable up to 2 TB)
GPU: Adreno 505
Screen: 5.5" IPS Display, 1.65mm slim bezel
OS: Android Nougat with ZenUI 4.0
Front Main(selfie): 20 MP F2.0 Aperture
Front Wide-angle: 8MP 120-degree 200% FOV
Rear Main: 16MP
Video: Full HD @ 30 FPS
WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi direct
USB Type B
3.5mm audio jack
Battery: 3000mAh with BoostMaster fast-charging
Colors: Deepsea Black, Mint Green(not yet in PH Market), Rose Pink, Sunlight Gold
Sim type: Tri-Slot (Dual SIM & one MicroSD card) Sim tray


The ZenFone 4 Max is the first of ASUS’ brand new ZenFone 4 series of smartphones dedicated to helping users shoot the best photos regardless of what they are shooting. Just like the other models on the Zenfone 4 Series the Zenfone 4 max also have 2 rear cameras. 
First rear camera - a 13 megapixel main camera with a standard 80-degree field of view, 
Second rear camera - with a 120-degree field of view that is better for capturing wider subjects or for shooting in confined spaces. 
Front camera – the ZenFone 4 Max also has a higher-than-normal resolution, 8 megapixel front camera for sharp and clear selfies.

Zenfone 4 Max has a massive battery at 5000mAH which means longershooting. Zenfone 4 Max can last up to 46 Days on Standby, Talk time up to 40 hours Wi-Fi browsing time of up to 26 hours, and video playback of up to 22 hours.  It provides 3 hours of talk timewith just 15 minutes of charging, has twice the lifespan of conventional phone batteries and can act as a backup power bank! Even when it is depleted to 10% it can still last an amazing 91 hours (slightly over 3 days and 19 hours) on standby in super saving mode.

Aside from the outstading Battery feature the Zenfone 4 Max introduces reverse charging. A useful trick of the ZenFone 4 Max is its ability to double up as a power bank for charging other devices using a USB on-the-go cable

Despite the battery’s high capacity, it also has twice the lifespan of a typical smartphone’s battery thanks to advanced Asus battery management technologies that monitor its temperature and manages its charging limits. The battery is also built in with protection against 12 safety checkpoints including excessive temperatures and overvoltage to automatically stop charging when these are detected.

ZenFone 4 Max sports a premium METALLIC DESIGN that features a beautiful aluminum alloy construction with a finely sandblasted matt surface and features gently rounded corners and edges. This premium material not only makes the phone look sophisticated, it is also makes it more durable. Although it has dual rear cameras and houses an extremely high capacity 5000mAH battery, it is only 8.9mm thick and weighs only 181 grams. With 5.5 inch display and 2.25 slim bezel it is one of the smallest smartphones with such a high capacity battery. The ZenFone 4 Max comes in 3 vibrant colors of Deepsea Black, Sunlight Gold, Rose Pink.

The ZenFone 4 Max’s home button also doubles as a fingerprint reader adding security to your data. The fingerprint sensor can also be configured to allow fingerprints to answer calls, call specified contacts.

With its Triple card slot you can enjoy dual sim capabilities while adding a micro SD for added storage. The SIM card slots support 4G connections up to 150 Mbps and the microSD card slot supports SDXC cards up to 256GB.

This is especially useful for users who have work and personal lines, or those who travel frequently and need the second SIM for a data connection in the countries they travel to. Yet they can still save even more photos or videos to the microSD card, or bring more movies with them on the go.

With all the great feature the Zenfone 4 Series has under its belt it is just right to have a brand ambassador that has a huge impact to the users. Koreanovela enthusiast rejoice as our Oppa Gong Yoo joins the Zenfone Family last August 2017. Legions of his fans from all over the world have come to know him for his stellar roles in The 1st Shop of the Coffee Prince (2007), Train to Busan (2016), and The Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016-2017). But what a lot do not know yet is the true story behind this partnership between one of the most popular Asian actors in the world, and the global tech juggernaut from Taiwan – which all came to fruition once Gong Yoo first experienced the game-changing ASUS Zenfone AR.

“When the ASUS team showed me their Zenfone AR, I was completely stunned at how such a small device could possess so much technological innovation and produce a whole new world of imagination and creativity with its AR and VR features,” said Gong Yoo. “It was then that I realized I wanted to collaborate with ASUS to see what new possibilities we could discover together. I am looking forward to embarking on this amazing adventure with the new Zenfone 4 series.”

Pinoy fans of Gong Yoo will be delighted to know that limited-edition Gong Yoo merchandise and freebies will soon be made available in key ASUS and Zenfone stores, with every purchase of a new Zenfone 4 series smartphone.

Aside from Gong Yoo, The actress Bea Alonzo was very excited to join the Asus Zenfone Family. She is ready to showcase her talent and passion for photography.

Having a hard time deciding what Zenfone 4 you want? Head on over to your nearest Asus Concept and mobility stores nationwide.

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