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Samsung's Live Unboxed Campaign Unveils Four Inspiring Stories

They say that the only time you'll live your life to the fullest is... you get out of your comfort zone. Living in a monotonous cycle is normally okay, but there's more to life once you get out there and spread your wings

Samsung encourages everyone to go beyond your comfort zone- to live life unboxed. In achieving your life’s full potential, you need a tool that has endless capabilities. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are designed to help you maximize your life and go beyond what you usually do.

Samsung's Live Unboxed Campaign 2017

Stepping out of your comfort zone is the key to getting the best in life. 

Hesitant to take risks, people often stay within what’s familiar and miss out on great opportunities ahead of them. In its newest campaign, Samsung pushes everyone to maximize what life has to offer by living life unboxed. 

“At Samsung, we constantly defy barriers to bring the latest innovative technology and drive meaningful progress. In our Live Unboxed campaign, we encourage people to share the same philosophy in reaching their goals,” says Nio Judalena, Marketing Head for IT & Mobile, SEPCO. 

To maximize life’s infinite possibilities, you need a tool with infinite capabilities. 

“Samsung has designed a smartphone that helps people to step out of their comfort zones and start living an unboxed life. Packed with features that allow you get more out of life such as the infinity display’s end-to-end screen, Bixby’s expert assistance, and the increased productivity offered by DeX, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ constantly enable you achieve a maximized life.” Ivan Pua, Product Marketing Head for IT & Mobile, SEPCO, explains.   

Four Inspiring Stories of Living Unboxed

To further explain what it means to live unboxed, Samsung unveils four inspring stories of Filipino celebrities who chose to step out of their comfort zones and focus on experiencing life. Each story tells a different way of breaking out of the self-constraints that often hold us back from living outside the box.

Mond Gutierrez Living Unboxed Video

The first story features showbiz personality and entrepreneur Raymond "Mond" Gutierrez who created a lot of buzz for his awe-inspiring body transformation. Always dreaming of being a well-balanced and healthier individual, Mond finally overcame his hesitations and dared to take the first step towards his personal goals by completely changing his lifestyle. Raymond’s journey to fitness was not just a transformation of his physical appearance, but also a transformation of values, priorities, and outlook.

[Video] Solenn Heusaff Living Unboxed

We also reveal another side of the multi-faceted Solenn Heussaff. Designer, singer, actress, makeup artist and model – her story shows a woman of creativity and intellect behind a beautiful face. With all that she has achieved as an artist, painting was something that she kept under wraps not wanting to subject the art form that she loved the most to public criticism. She finally decided to push through all the self-doubt and rule out the ‘what ifs’ in her life by letting the world see herself as a painter.

[Video] BJ Living Unboxed

Aiming to make his grandparents proud, BJ Pascual turned photography from a hobby to a masterful craft. At first, he was unsure if he had the right skills and creativity to make a name for himself as a photographer but he did not let this uncertainty stop him from trying. Now, this bold move has made him a well-known and respected artist not only behind the lens but also in front of it.

[Video] Georgina Wilson Living Unboxed

Lastly, we reveal the story of celebrity and new mom Georgina Wilson. A fixture on billboards, magazine covers and in high-profile events, George has made herself out to be the ultimate “It Girl”. With new chapters opening in her life and bigger responsibilities, she was afraid of not being able to fulfill each role with the same passion and drive. Despite the fear, she decided to take the challenge and enjoy every experience ahead as a career woman, a celebrity and a proud mom. 

Like Mond, Solenn, BJ, and George, find the courage, willpower, and motivation to open yourself up to new possibilities and live life unboxed.

How 'bout you? What's your definition of Living Unboxed?

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